3 Tech Tips to Keep Your Sanity on Vacation

Catch these tech tips before you catch any rays and you’ll be on your way to a space-saver’s paradise while being in paradise.

"Tech Tips for Traveling"
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Vacation reading has never been easier!  Enjoy a multitude of electronic books on your favorite device while resting in a hammock or sunning poolside.  All without ever bringing a single bulky book in your carry-on case.

  1. Save Money — Discounted Kindle Books

    Q:  I see discounted Kindle books on Amazon, but I don’t have a Kindle.  How can I take advantage of these deals?

    A:  You can get the Kindle app for your Android or Apple tablet or smartphone.  This way you can buy, download and display Kindle books.  There’s also a Kindle program for computers.

  2. Organize your mobile photos.

    When you’re quickly snapping that toucan flying past, the colorful sunset and the monkeys swinging from the trees; there’s no time to sort all those photos properly.

    Q:  I’ve got tons of photos on my smartphone.  What’s a good way to organize this mess?

    A:  You can take control of your photos with organizing apps like Tidy (Android, Apple; free) and Sortpad (Apple; free).  For moving photos off your device to free up space, take a look at Google Photos (Android, Apple; free) and Room For More (Android, Apple; free).

  3. Tidy App
    "Tidy App" photo © Google Play
  4. Apps for traveling with kids.

    Rent a wi-fi hotspot to take the stress out of a family road trip.

    Q:  I’m taking my five kids on our first road trip.  Yes, I am crazy.  What can I do to keep them entertained?

    A:  There are plenty of fun road trip games for your smartphone or tablet.  Look at the classic game MadLibs (Android, Apple; free) and apps like Drawing Desk (Android, Apple; free) to let the kids doodle without the mess and hassle of crayons.

Mad Libs App
"Mad Libs App" photo © Google Play

Discover more useful tech tips @ http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2016/03/27/tech-q-stopping-car-theft-apps-for-traveling-with-children.html

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