5 Awesome Under-the-Radar Spots in Costa Rica


If you’re traveling to Costa Rica but want to see some places that aren’t your typical tourist spots, check out these awesome under-the-radar locations that are worth the adventure! First on the list is Montezuma, which has a beautiful beach as well as awesome waterfalls that you can even jump off of. It plays host to a hippie/boho scene made up of both locals and foreigners and is located on the southeastern cusp of the Nicoyo Peninsula.

Next is San Gerardo de Dota which has about 1,000 of beautiful coastline that touches two oceans. While many people visit Costa Rica for the incredible surfing, San Gerardo de Dota is all about birdwatching. Although it has a south-central location which provides easy access to Los Quetzales National Park, heavy tourism hasn’t quite caught up, which might be a good thing.

Third on the list is Chirripó National Park, a place that was pretty much made for hikers and climbers with its challenging ascent. The summit climb is 11 miles with nearly 10,000 feet of elevation gain, but there’s also a refuge a half kilometer from the top where you can spend the night and start your descent the next morning.

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