6 Reasons Costa Rica is for Everyone

No matter what type of travel or vacation you’re looking to do, Costa Rica has something for everyone. Whether you’re going on your honeymoon, looking for a fun family getaway, or seeking thrilling adventures, Costa Rica has something to offer to everyone, and even a few unexpected surprised. Here are a just a few reasons why you should travel there!

Costa Rica is one of the greenest countries in the world. That’s not just talking about the greenery of the fauna, it’s also ranked third in the world for being eco-friendly and making the most of using its natural resources for energy! It’s also very safe, according to the Overseas Security Advisory Council.

More importantly, there are adventure possibilities for every level of thrill seeker. Whether it’s whitewater rafting, zip lining, hiking in parks, mountains, or even near volcanoes, Costa Rica is a playground for all ages. It’s also perfect for those who love the beach, but hate just sitting on one. There’s tons of beach activities including world class surfing for beginners and experts!

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