‘Arribada’ Begins in Costa Rica

Those wishing to experience something truly exceptional during their next vacation should consider journeying to Costa Rica in the fall. Every year, hundreds of thousands of sea turtles make landfall on the coast of what is now The Ostional Wildlife Refuge. Between August and November, olive ridley and kemp sea turtles journey to the lush South American country to lay their eggs. After gathering in shallow water just off the coast of the wildlife refuge, the female turtles will begin to arribada (or arrive) on the shore and deposit their eggs.

Because olive ridley turtles have seen their population decimated by fishermen trawling the Pacific and Indian oceans, the number of turtles participating in the arribadas has grown smaller in recent years. As such, the Costa Rican government has enacted laws designed to protect the seas turtles. Visitors journeying to Ostional must be accompanied by a local tour guide. And flash photography is prohibited because it is been found to upset the turtles. With those provisos in mind, vacationers seeking an authentic and one-of-a-kind experience might consider visiting Costa Rica to see something only a handful of human beings have ever witnessed.

Find out more about the Costa Rican arribada by reading this informative article.

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