The Best Costa Rica Stops for Newcomers

Are you planning your first trip to Costa Rica this coming vacation season? We can’t wait to see you here and want to give you a few ideas on how to make this trip unforgettable.

What can you do here? Well, just about anything. You can choose from some of the best surfing in all of the world. From pros to amateurs, surfers have been coming to Costa Rica for decades to ride the big waves and not so big waves on our beautiful beaches. And yes, that’s plural. There’s not just one beach for you to surf at. We have multiple beaches for you to choose from and to explore.

Rock climbing and hiking more your speed? Don’t worry. We have plenty of lush trails and peaks to summit here. You’ll never go wrong on these trails, either led by a guide or navigating them safely by yourself. And the beauty to be found in and on these trails and peaks is rivaled by none.

Still thinking about what to do? Well, have no fear. We have a list of some great suggestions for your trip that will ensure you never run out of options.

Take a look today.

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