Punta Uva Beach

Brits Love Costa Rica


Now that both Thompson and British Airways are scheduling direct flights to this little Central American country, British interest in Costa Rica is sparked.  So what’s the appeal?

Punta Uva Beach
"Punta Uva Beach"
photo © Cahuita Info

Here’s the opportunity to get away from the grey drizzle of a British winter to the bright sunshine of the tropics.  Let’s face it, with British summertime being a pretty dismal affair, why wait ‘til winter?  Costa Rica is close to the Equator and so is bathed in sunshine and high temperatures year round.  And even if it does rain, it’s not cold!  Imagine that…

Forget shivering behind a windbreak on a stony beach with a flask of tea with hundreds of other Brits waiting for the sun to break through the clouds.  Costa Rica’s two coastlines total almost 1,000 miles of sand and warm inviting ocean waters.  It’s easy to find a quiet spot away from all the crowds — Blackpool couldn’t be further away.

It isn’t just Brits that are amazed by the diversity and abundance of wildlife that Costa Rican visitors can see and all without setting foot in a zoo.  Imagine seeing toucans flying, monkeys swinging through the trees and tiny, red tree frogs jumping across your path.  And then there’s the cute sloths…

Friendly People
Brits love the warm welcome visitors receive in Costa Rica.  There’s no newspaper held high to avoid conversation here!  People here love to talk and share their country with others.  After all, when living in paradise, a smile comes easily.

Costa Rica isn’t known for its cuisine, but a week or two of fresh tropical fruit and smoothies is a real health boost.  Forget microwave meals and fast food to enjoy dishes cooked from scratch with fresh, local products served in restaurants overlooking the ocean or the jungle.  With all the activities to enjoy, the extra calories won’t even show!

And with cheap prices available, what’s stopping you from booking your Costa Rican holiday?

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