Clothes Speak for You in Costa Rica

Clothes Talk
Clothes Talk
"Clothes That Speak Louder Than Words"
photo © IconSpeak

Call it the ultimate fashion statement — a shirt that can do the talking when no one understands a word you’re saying.

One of the stumbling blocks to enjoying a vacation in Costa Rica can be an inability to communicate, if Spanish isn’t a language you speak well (if at all!).

Could this be the tool to make travel easy?  "Gracias" may be the only word to learn…

This genius item of clothing is printed with nearly 40 icons that travelers can use to try to get their message across if they don’t know the language.

Just point to the symbol and wait for the response!

Day & Night
"Day & Night Symbols"
photo © IconSpeak

The shirts, available to buy online for $33, include icons that could be used to chat about bikes, trains, buses, hotels, beer, food, hospitals, airplanes and Wi-Fi.

They’re undergoing testing in Europe and Latin America, and are proving to be a great success.

All that’s needed is a laundromat symbol — for when everyone else starts using the universal sign language for “Dude, it’s time to change that shirt!”

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