Costa Rica continues to ‘Save the Americans’

The Costa Rican Tourist Board (ICT) continues its successful publicity campaign, "Save the Americans" with a photo essay in the New York Times.  The campaign has caught the American public’s imagination with singing animals and cinema adverts with stunning scenery.

Beach Treeline
"Hit the Beach" photo © Giancarlo Pucci/T Brand Studio

This latest twist in the rather tongue-in-cheek crusade to rescue Americans from their stressed, working lives to take a well-earned, tropical vacation is a selection of photographs portraying Costa Ricans whose lives are balanced between work and leisure. 

The title "Tico Time" alludes to the Costa Rican attitude towards punctuality — which is relaxed compared to American attitudes towards time-keeping.  It is a reflection of the country’s laid-back approach to life in general.

The New York Times’ article emphasizes the importance of family, nature, and loving your job as the keys to living a happy and contented life.  This contrasts to the facts presented about American lifestyle, such as the 500 MILLION annual unspent vacation days that are effectively wasted by the American workforce.

Maybe Calgon won’t take you away, but perhaps Costa Rica’s scenery and wild life can.  Are you in need of saving?

Save the Americas Banner
"Follow Your Inner Sloth" photo ©

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