Costa Rica Offers Anglers Unique Challenges

While North America does offer anglers a number of interesting freshwater fish to pursue, veterans of the sport may hunger for a new challenge in a different locale. Accordingly, Anglers looking for a unique fishing experience should give some thought to visiting Costa Rica. The gorgeous South American nation is uniquely situated in between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. As such, it offers unparalleled fishing opportunities. On Costa Rica’s Pacific side, anglers should check out the Crocodile Bay resort. The prime vacation destination maintains a fleet of fishing boats that can be taken out into the Pacific to match wits with marlin, sailfish, tuna and rooster fish. After you head in for the day, you can avail yourself of the resort’s masseuses and fully stocked bar.

On the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, anglers should head to Archie Field’s Rio Colorado Lodge. The fully air-conditioned lodge, which caters to serious anglers looking for a challenge, specializes in inshore fishing of species like tarpon, snook, guapote and mojarra. And for vacationers with families, the Rio Colorado Lodge offers tours that include bird watching, walks through the jungle and nighttime expeditions to see the areas incredible sea turtle population.

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