Deep Sea Fishing in Costa Rica

Fishing in the Deep Waters off Costa Rica & Hook a Monster of a Good Time!

Deep Sea Fishing Chair out in Costa Rica

For die-hard fishermen (and women!) the ease of fishing in Costa Rica can be quite a shock!  Here, it is not an endurance sport to fish in the sunshine under a clear blue sky on crystal waters – there’s no shanty over a frozen hole here!  So you can leave those waterproof jackets and sweaters at home and prepare to enjoy the outdoors and some fishing too!

Reeling in a Sailfish off Costa Rica

The Pacific Ocean swims with Sailfish, Dorado, Marlin, Tuna, Grooper, Roosterfish and Snapper just to name a sampling of the commonly found species.  If you’re looking for Kingfish, Jack, Mackerel, Tarpon and Snook, then head over to the rivers and Atlantic Ocean to find them.  Most of the fish are seasonal, so check if you have a burning desire to catch a certain type, but otherwise rest assured that any time of year is a good time to fish!

The tourist industry has been fulfilling the desires of deep-sea fishing tourists successfully for quite a number of years and you should check out the different agencies and tour operators before booking your trip so you can get the very best package or day excursion.  One option is to charter a boat for a day, or half day, for you, family and/or friends.  Charters usually include food, soft drinks, bait and tackle with prices for a full day starting around $1,000.

Fishing on Costa Rica’s coasts has long been an occupation for locals to feed their families and to market their catch.  Experienced fishermen will marvel at the ability of men who can catch enough fish to earn a living with no more than a hand line or two held over the side of a wooden boat.  I have even seen a real pro with one between his toes as well!  But whether you want to try hand lines yourself or embrace all the technology supplied by a modern rod; you’ll find it here in Costa Rica!

Caught a Sailfish in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country striving to protect and preserve the natural environment with which it has been abundantly blessed, so please follow a ‘catch and release’ policy when fishing – unless of course you plan to cook your catch later!

Where To Go:
Tamarindo Beach
Drake Bay

This list is far from exhaustive, but hopefully it will offer you a few highlights!

  • Quepos, Pacific Coast:  A well-established fishing port, Quepos can offer it all – from budget packages of roughly $1,000 for a three-day, almost all-inclusive trip to luxury charters with amazing extras such as a ‘tuna tower’ or a ‘fighting chair’ with prices into the thousands.
  • Los Sueños, Pacific Coast:  The name of this resort means ‘The Dreams’ – what more needs to be said?  This is a top spot for Marlin, Sailfish and luxurious charter boats.
  • Tamarindo and Flamingo:  Two popular vacation destinations for North American tourists and retirees; unsurprisingly, they are also great fishing spots.  Particularly good for Roosterfish, but also expect to catch Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo and Sailfish when in season.
  • Drake Bay, Osa Peninsula:  Due to its geography, this area is often considered to have the best inshore fishing in the whole country.  Check out the package deals as it is not the easiest location to access in Costa Rica on your own, but certainly well worth it!
  • Rio San Juan and Rio Colorado, Atlantic coast:  For huge Tarpon – averaging around about 80 lbs — and Snook in the 20 pound range, head along the rivers and canals of Costa Rica’s northern Caribbean towards the Nicaraguan border.  As this is a fair trek from the capital, you’ll find that most tour companies offer package tours to include accommodation and transfers along with your fishing trips, but you can do all this yourself too, so do not feel as if you cannot create your dream fishing tour.  Package deals can be found starting from as little as $825 for two days of fishing all-inclusive.
What To Take:
  • Sunblock:  It gets real hot out there on the high seas, so don’t get burned.  Wear a hat if you need to.
  • Insect Repellent:  If you plan to fish in the rivers, make sure your brand contains a fair amount of DEET or you will be eaten alive by the bugs!  This is the tropics you know.
  • Light-Weight, Long Sleeved Shirt and Pants:  These can help against sunburn and/or bug bites.
  • Camera:  Your buddies back home will never believe your fishing tales if you don’t have proof!
  • Water:  Bring PLENTY and stay hydrated.  Hauling in fish all day is thirsty work!
What To Avoid:
  • Paying too Much:  There are so many tours available that choosing the prefect blend of price and options should be easy if you shop around.

So whether this will be your first catch or your thousandth, deep-sea fishing in Costa Rica will be an experience unlike fishing anywhere else!  So jump aboard and cast your line to see just what exotic monster you can hook!  Don’t forget your camera or it will surely get away!

Reel in the fun with a deep sea fishing excursion from any of the numerous fine charters operating in Costa Rica.



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Article Source: Ricardo Vargas
• Computer guy and avid adventurer for Vamos Rent-A-Car
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