Make-Up Fines for Driving

Facing Fines for Make-Up Drivers


Do your face before getting behind the wheel, or face a fine!

Make-up application is listed alongside texting and eating as actions that could cause driver distraction and reduce reaction time.  Director of the Transit Police, Mario Calderon, explains that putting on mascara or freshening up the lip gloss is considered irresponsible driving.

Make-Up Fines for Driving
"Make-Up Fines for Driving" photo ©

"All elements that cause distraction to people at the time they’re driving are going to have an effect on their driving behavior…these are a safety risk, such as eating, smoking and the rest," he said.

While many drivers are aware that talking on a cell phone is a traffic offense, there’s a lot of female motorists who’ll be surprised to learn that their daily beauty regime could be illegal.  The real shock is the fine is a whopping $200 USD.

So consider a ‘natural’ look during your vacation, or use the bathroom mirror in your hotel room before jumping in the car!

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