Wanna Fly Free to Costa Rica?

JetBlue Free Flights

Frequent flyers and those with just bad luck, have experienced the endless crying baby, determined to scream the entire flight.

The good news is that JetBlue Airline has found a way to turn this experience into a successful marketing ploy.  Passengers on a flight from JFK to Long Beach, California were told that each crying baby would result in a discount for a future Jet Blue flight.  So only four crying babies equals a free flight!  Certainly a nice pay-off for any inconvenience.

Stressed mothers were trying to relax as they boarded, knowing that their child’s outburst would be greeted with joy and not sighs.  Their offspring’s screams provided instant, reduced ticket prices for fellow passengers (and not just a free headache).

With numerous flights heading from the USA to San Jose (SJO) and Liberia (LIR) international airports, there’ll be plenty of takers for the deal if JetBlue opens it up for flights to Costa Rica.  The Central American country is very family-orientated though, so travelers with children should feel relaxed about the friendly welcome they’ll receive upon touch down.

What perks or discounts would you like to see on your next flight to Costa Rica?

Discover the full story @ http://www.cntraveler.com/stories/2016-05-03/jetblue-rewards-passengers-every-time-a-baby-cries-during-flight

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