Happy New Year Costa Rican Style

Happy New Year Costa Rican Style
New Year’s Eve is a celebration world-wide and Costa Ricans are no different!  You can expect to find partying country-wide on the 31st of December from the big beach parties at surf spots such as Mal Pais and Jaco to the more sophisticated dinners at up-market city hotels in the Central Valley.  You may want to reserve accommodation if you plan to head to the beach for an end of year fiesta, especially along the Guanacaste coast. There is something for everyone!  If you just want to get away from it all, look for a jungle retreat and spend the lead-up to midnight surrounded by the sounds of nature rather the inevitable booming fireworks.  And there will be fireworks!  Lots of them; released in the street by revelers; the louder the better!

Costa Rica is a family-orientated culture and so you should expect that most Ticos would consider New Year to be a celebration to be enjoyed at home with loved ones. Exhausted housewives and mothers who have just recovered from the vast task of preparing food to feed the crowds at Christmas are expected to clean the house through and prepare yet more food for friends and relations! Just as at Christmas, pork is a popular and traditional food to be eaten at New Year family gatherings.  Eating twelve grapes at midnight is a custom said to make your New Year’s wishes come true!   Many younger Ticos combine the best of both worlds – sharing a family party before heading out to celebrate in wilder fashion with friends in bars and clubs until dawn!  Drinking is a part of any Costa Rican holiday but you can expect the Imperial, cacique and rum to be flowing very freely this night!

Consider your choice of outfit with care – Costa Ricans belief that wearing yellow clothes at New Year will bring the wearer luck for the year to come!  Pay attention to your underwear too wearing red underwear to celebrate New Year is supposed to bring a new love into your life!  If you are superstitious; consider carrying out other traditional New Year activities to ensure you have good fortune in 2011.  If 2010 wasn’t a good year for you, throw a pot of water over your shoulder to prevent the bad luck following you into next year!  To be really sure of washing away the bad luck, you should also have all your laundry washed and bathe yourself!  Those hoping to travel should take the opportunity to walk around their home a number of times with a packed bag at New Year and the chance to head further afield should open up!
However and wherever in the country you choose to celebrate, you can be assured of warm weather, a warm welcome and an unforgettable experience.  So if you haven’t already booked to enjoy this New Year in Costa Rica, make it your New Year’s resolution to head here and enjoy the party at the end of 2011!

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