How do you move to Costa Rica?

Thinking about making that move to Costa Rica, but not sure what to expect? This video lays out quite simply and in detail exactly some of the things you will need to concern yourself with if you are going to move here.

It will cover such things as where to live and settle down in this beautiful country. The various parts of Costa Rica are all unique and have something different to offer. So just orienting yourself to such will be very helpful for your overall search of the proper and right place to live.

Another concern you may have is your own living sensibilities and what you are looking for. Are you more of a city person and love the convenience of the city restaurants? Or perhaps you like the year long cooler climates of the mountains. And yes, there is always the quality surfing and beach lifestyle this country has to offer. So take a look and see what Costa Rica has to offer you.


Watch: How to move to Costa Rica

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