Mid-Year Travel Deals in Costa Rica

You would think that the middle of the year would be most expensive to travel to Costa Rica, but it’s actually when the country will celebrate making it through half a year by taking some time off! That’s right! For many people trying to have fun on a budget in Costa Rica, now is the perfect time to start planning your stay.

ICT explained on Tuesday that the national tourism sector offers low cost and even free ways to enjoy this midterm season, which will be from this weekend until July 17th. Here are just a few ideas on things you can do in Costa Rica to enjoy your time there without hurting your wallet!

Orosi is supposed to be absolutely fabulous for its views, and family fun. The ruins at Ujarrás are a great free option for budget travelers as well. The ecological Doña Ana Beach is just two hours from San Jose, and costs only a few dollars but is still well taken care of and even awarded a Blue Flag for its sustainable development. Charrarra is also another affordable suggestion and also has access to a restaurant and picnic tables.

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