New York Times Article Highlight’s Costa Rica Appeal to Retirees


With the effects of the Great Recession still being felt on the economy today, those nearing retirement age may be wondering what their options are. Warm locales like Los Angeles, California and Miami, Florida are ideal retirement spots, but purchasing property in those places is incredibly difficult because their real estate markets are so volatile. The housing market in the Midwest is generally much more stable, but its long winters can be punishing. However, a recent New York Times article has an unconventional suggestion for eminent retirees; Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica.

A mere 10 minute drive away from the Liberian airport, Playa Hermosa is filled with American ex-pats. The housing market in the largely forest free region of the country was considerably more expensive before the recession hit. Now, prices for land and finished homes are much more affordable. One Playa Hermosa home highlighted by the Times featured four bedrooms, four bathrooms, floor-to-ceiling windows, a kitchen with granite countertops and a stunning ocean view, all for under $1 million. With so many amenities and a relatively affordable healthcare system, taking a vacation to Costa Rica to get the lay of the land might not be a bad idea.

Find out what else the New York Times had to say about Playa Hermosa by reading this article.

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