One of the Best Ways to See Costa Rica


What’s one of the best ways to see Costa Rica? Well, yes…a tour group is helpful for many. It will show them the things they might not see on their own in a formal structure.

However, if you are willing and a bit on the adventurous side…backpacking throughout Costa Rica will make for an incredible and unforgettable experience.

Costa Rica is nothing but safe and hospitable, and there is nothing better than entertaining backpackers who desire to make their way through the country.

This way there are no rules, set times or agendas. All you need to do is enjoy yourself and be on your own. What will you find? Waterfalls…beaches…forest…you name it. It’s all in Costa Rica.

To get a better idea and to spark that curiosity, take a look:

Watch: Backpackers travel video

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