Put that cell phone down and see the beauty of Costa Rica


We are a mobile people. What does this mean? It means we do most of our living on our phones. We communicate with others via our phones…text messaging, chatting, and the occasional call (yes, we don’t really use our phones for talking anymore). We also do the bulk of our shopping on such phones. Whether we are shopping for clothes, the latest tech gadget, or even a car…it seems more and more these days that our shopping days are done not in store and in person, but virtually via our phones.

So what has this led to? It has led to us being glued to our phones, craning our necks at an unhealthy angle. Our backs are sore and our necks are tight. This is not good. We need a vacation from our jobs and our phones. So please, when you come to Costa Rica breathe in the beauty that is around you. Leave that phone in your pocket (bring it of course…yes, it can come in handy) and see with your eyes the lush beauty to be found here.

In the meanwhile, here’s a bit of help for that sore neck.

Watch: What texting does to your neck

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