Sleep, It does a body good

Seems like a strange place to find an entry on the quality of your sleep. But trust us, it will all make sense in a minute. When we have a poor quality of sleep, we end up having a poor quality of living. We are tired, lethargic and in general very moody.

These are precisely the things you don’t want to be on your vacation to Costa Rica. Now, you may be thinking right now that you’ll get plenty of rest while you’re here. After all, it’s your vacation, right? But the problem with that is what if you are completely tired by the time you get here. Don’t you want to have energy to do all the fun things we have in store for you? From the surfing, to hiking, to whatever you want to do.

So don’t be tired. Start working on that rest right now with these tips for you.

Watch: 10 tips to improve your sleep

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