Sloth-Style Yoga

Sloth Yoga


Costa Rica is famous for its wildlife and yoga retreats, but you don’t expect to see them combined!

Backpacker, Claudia Moser from Australia and her British boyfriend couldn’t have been more thrilled to come across this sloth by the side of the road.  Moser had to jump down and join in the yoga session with her new furry friend.

Sloth-Style Yoga
"Sloth Yoga"
photo © Caters/The Telegraph

The couple are exploring Central America and were leaving the tiny beach town of Cahuita on the Caribbean Coast when they spotted the sloth.  Roads can be a real danger to these animals which have such a low metabolism that acceleration is out of the question, but this sloth took the traffic in his stride.

Sloths are notoriously slow but this one seems to have found real inner peace and tranquillity.

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