Solo Costa Rican Road Trip? These Gizmos Will Help

iPod Classic

A lone road trip is just the way to explore Costa Rica at your own pace!

Consider a number of gadgets to take on the road for the ultimate solo experience.

Binge-Watching Galore

Wi-Fi Amazon TV Shows
"Streaming Shows" photo © Amazon

There’s no way you’re going to let a little coast-to-coast roadtrip get in the way of your favorite bad habit.  Plug your Amazon Fire Stick ($40) into the motel or AirBNB TV and freak yourself out with Mr Robot, Stranger Things and House Hunters all night long.  It has Alexa now, so she can help you find other things to watch — as if you needed help to fritter time away, right?  😉

Audio Perfection

Car Audio Processor
"Car Audio Perfected" photo © Alpine

If you’re any kind of audiophile, factory audio systems make you want to claw your face off.  But the systems in today’s cars are often integrated into the dashboard, which makes replacing them next to impossible.  The Alpine PXA-H800 Digital Signal Processor ($750) significantly cleans up the signal from your factory stereo, tunes it for your interior’s acoustics, and even compensates for road and wind noise.  It’s audio performance even a snob like you can get behind.

Rock All Day Long

iPod Classic
"160GB of Pure Music" photo © Apple

The good old iPod Classic is still the best way to play music in the car.  Dust off your trusted old friend, rip all your music in a lossless format, and build days and days of relevant playlists to help you through your trip.  Official WIRED Playlist Ideas:  “Will I Ever Get Through This Cornfield?”, “I Can’t Believe I Slept There Last Night,” and “I Shouldn’t Have Eaten that Big Mac.”  Find one cheap on Amazon or eBay.

Enjoyable Drinks

Insulated Coffee Cup
"Insulated Mug to Go" photo © Miir

It’s 10pm and the next motel is an hour away.  Where’s that coffee you bought a few hours ago?  It must be ice cold by now, no?  Don’t rely on cardboard Starbucks technology.  Keep your wide-awake coffee hot and your daytime water cold with the Miir Insulated Pint Cup ($22).  Bonus:  a portion of what you pay helps fund a clean water project that you can track on Miir’s website.

The solo road trip can be a lot of fun, too.

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