Sweet Spa Treatments – Coffee and Chocolate Makes Skin Happy

With spas eager to find more holistic solutions to providing the best treatments for their clients, what was once considered a trend is now as ubiquitous as Pokemon GO.

The healing effects of natural herbs and fruits have been employed by the Chinese for more than 2,500 years.  Many more countries are jumping on the edible-healing bandwagon, incorporating natural ingredients in the form of food and beverage components into their spa offerings.

And as chocolate and coffee are probably Costa Rica’s most famous exports, it stands to reason that they’re both making an appearance in resorts too!

Kuö Spa at Costa Rica Marriott Hotel in San Jose
“Kuö Spa at Costa Rica Marriott Hotel in San Jose” photo © Fox News

With the Kuö Spa located in the country’s capital; why not begin your vacation with a relaxing and tasty treatment, before heading off on adventure?  Or if you can’t wait to hit the beach, the spa at Los Sueños is close enough to the ocean to hear the waves — the perfect way to unwind…  Both locations are easily accessible with a sedan, although for exploring the beaches, volcanoes and national parks that are further off the beaten track, consider renting an SUV for more space, comfort and clearance.

Costa Rica is a popular location for spa and wellness breaks to detox, relax and de-stress from the hectic routine of 21st century life.  So consider extending the feel-good sensation into a yoga retreat and return to your normal life as a new you!

In Costa Rican culture, the phrase “Pura Vida” is used to say that life is good — and to express the love of the country, its culture, peace and nature.  Created with this in mind, nestled between the Pacific Ocean and 1,100 acres of tropical rainforest, Sibö Spa at Los Sueños Ocean & Golf Resort incorporates the antioxidant properties of cocoa, champagne grapes and orange essential oils into this facial to firm skin, hydrate and restore balance.$140 for 1 hour

Chocolate & Champagne Facial at Sibö Spa, Los Sueños Ocean & Golf Resort in Costa Rica
“Chocolate & Champagne Facial at Sibö Spa, Los Sueños Ocean & Golf Resort in Costa Rica” photo © Fox News

Los Sueños is located near to the very popular beach town at Herradura beach.  From the airport, look out for signs to Orotina.  Follow these onto the Route 27 towards Caldera.  After the second toll, follow signs to Jacó.  Before reaching Jacó, there are signs for Herradura and Los Sueños.

Inspired by the landscape, scents and flora of Costa Rica, the Kuö Spa at Costa Rica Marriott Hotel in San Jose focuses on all living things in the ancient and indigenous Costa Rican culture of Cabecar and Bri Bri.

“Kuö” refers to the skin of the body, bark of a tree or unique harvesting process of the coffee bean, and translates to the spa’s journey of revitalization, restored energy and achieved balance through coffee-infused treatments.

Try the Coffee Scrub which uses the stimulating and antioxidant properties of the coffee bean to leave skin rejuvenated while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and cellulite.$110 for 50 minutes

Coffee Scrub at Kuö Spa, Costa Rica Marriott Hotel in San Jose
“Coffee Scrub at Kuö Spa, Costa Rica Marriott Hotel in San Jose” photo © Fox News

The Courtyard Marriott is located near the capital city but retains a certain old-world charm, with its hacienda-style buildings.  Located just three miles from the airport, this is the perfect place for an overnight stay at the start or end of your vacation.

Find even more edible spa treats @ http://www.foxnews.com/travel/2016/08/15/9-sweet-spa-treatments-decadent-enough-to-eat.html

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November 3, 2017 1:55 am

It seems superb!! Do you think it really works??

Reply to  Subash
November 3, 2017 11:24 am

I’m sure it helps people. It touches on aspects that everyone needs — whether they know it or not — soothing human contact, muscle manipulation and relaxation, cleansing the pores of the skin, and a quiet, peaceful environment where one is able to unplug from society and the hectic modern life. How can a spa treatment NOT work? I need to schedule myself one…