Top Things To Do On Your Trip to Costa Rica

There is so much to do in the beautiful country of Costa Rica. In fact, there is so much that you will need to make sure you have ample time to get it all in…or, just keep coming back again and again to do them all.

What will you find on today’s list? Well, the first 3 are in fact our favorites.

What’s the number 1 reason? The wildlife. Costa Rica is lush with animals and greenery and beautiful birds in the sky. It truly is a feast for the eyes and something that you ought to never miss out on. So, bring a camera and get ready for some great action.

What’s the second reason? The surfing. Known all over the world as a hot spot destination of surf activity for the beginner all the way to the pro, this is one stop you do not want to miss on your next surf tour.

And the third reason? Well, this is our favorite…road trips through the country. And what do they advise you to do? Rent a car! That’s right. And you know what…we think we know someone who could help you with that. Ha!

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