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Tree House Arenal

Get back to childhood fantasies with a night (or more) in a tree house in Costa Rica.  This land of national parks and protected areas has no shortage of trees, or it would seem, tree houses:

Treetop Hotel
"Climbing to the Tree House"
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Nature Observatorio
This magical home away from home is located in the Gandoca/Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge in the southernmost tip of the Caribbean Coast.

Not for the faint-hearted, the Nature Observatorio offers one of the highest tree houses around for guests who want to live among the tree tops.  After hiking through the rainforest for just under an hour, harnessed guests climb up an 80 foot rope ladder to the wooden decked accommodation that sleeps four people.  Meals are winched up from the ground in specially designed baskets, so that dining is in canopy leaves with monkeys, toucans and other forest dwellers.  Prices start at $160 per night.

Tree House Lodge
A group of vacation rentals also in the South Caribbean, Tree House Lodge is a collection of houses in a forested 10-acre property.  The wooden Tree House is its highlight.  The house is entered over a hanging bridge to a two-story building with trees growing through the middle of the construction.  The structure is mostly open plan with views over the treetops, and a short walk to the beach through jungle footpaths.  Prices start at $300 per night.

Flutterby Hostel
Looking for the tree house stay that won’t break the bank?  Uvita’s Flutterby Hostel has 3 affordable leafy accommodation.  There’s nowhere else in the country that boasts such an elevated hostel option, although private rooms are also an option.  Prices start at $18 per night.

Tree House Arenal
"Relax on High"
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Tree House Hotel
Imagine staying in a tree house in a 70-acre wildlife refuge near Arenal Volcano — complete with waterfalls, natural pool and a river!  The 7 treetop rooms have all comforts covered with air conditioning, hot water and fridges.  The balconies provide a viewing point to see passing monkeys and toucans  For real pampering, visit the onsite spa.  Prices start at $99 per night.

Finca Bellvista
The south Pacific near the Panamanian border is home to an incredible village of tree houses, reminiscent of Ewok dwellings, with homes linked by rope bridges and even ziplines.  As individually-owned properties, each home is differently equipped, but all are carefully crafted in wood, with attractive hexagonal ceilings, supported by a web of beams.  The community has a kitchen garden for fresh vegetables.  Prices start at $50 per night.

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