What do you do with your daily stress?

Stress is something we live with on a daily basis. We need to learn to deal with it so it doesn’t over power us and cause us to become incapacitated. Now, you may read that and initially think that’s a bit of an exaggeration. However, think of so many people who struggle with making decisions and taking a step in a direction in their lives. What account for this? Stress.

So, we have two things for you today. The first, you can do what everyone should do every year — take a vacation. There’s no better way to rest, relax and refresh yourself than by taking a vacation. So come to Costa Rica! There’s no better place to vacation.

The other thing we have for you? Well, stress is a part of life. Learn how to deal with it a bit more effectively by listening to today’s discussion.

Watch: How to make stress your friend

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