Barra Honda National Park: Caves and Hiking Trails


Barra Honda National Park: Caves and Hiking Trails

Guanacaste, renowned for its stunning beaches, draws travelers from far and wide. But venture beyond the coast and discover a treasure trove of diverse landscapes—volcanoes, rivers, waterfalls, and caves! Yes, caves! A lesser-known gem awaits in Nicoya, where Barra Honda National Park protects an extraordinary subterranean world. Seeking an adventure beyond beach-hopping and ziplining? Take a guided tour to explore the depths of Guanacaste’s unique cave system.

Join us as we delve into the uncharted territory of Guanacaste’s cave system. Our comprehensive guide reveals the secrets of Barra Honda National Park, from navigating the park’s wonders to uncovering the mysteries within the caves. Get ready to find the hidden gems of Guanacaste!

Hours and fee

Plan Your Visit to Barra Honda National Park: Essential Information

Before embarking on your adventure to Barra Honda National Park, take note of the essential details to ensure a seamless experience.

Entrance Fees and Tour Prices

Foreigners: 5000 colones ($10 USD) entrance fee

Caving tour: 12,500 colones ($25 USD) per person

Reservations and Entry Requirements

Reservations are now mandatory; book in advance to guarantee entry

Contact the park via Facebook or call 506 8721 2444 to make a reservation

Arrive before 1 PM to join a cave tour

Children must be over ten years old to participate in the tour

Logistics and Transportation

No buses or Uber services are available in the area; if you don’t have your own vehicle, book a tour with roundtrip transportation.

The entire tour takes approximately 3-4 hours.

Parking and Facilities

Upon arrival, you’ll find a spacious parking lot that serves as a hub for your adventure. Here, you’ll discover:

A ticket office where you can purchase entrance tickets and arrange guided tours

Modern facilities equipped with clean and well-maintained bathrooms

Location of Barra Honda National Park

Barra Honda National Park is conveniently situated approximately 80 kilometers (50 miles) from Liberia International Airport, reachable within a 1-hour and 30-minute drive. Traveling from San Jose, the park is located about 185 kilometers (115 miles) away, requiring approximately 3 hours of driving time.

Barra Honda Cave Tour

Barra Honda National Park’s main draw is its extensive network of caves, with 42 caverns waiting to be explored. While 19 have been discovered, many remain unknown, shrouded in mystery. Visitors must join a guided tour to delve into the depths of these ancient wonders, uncovering hidden treasures and secrets within. The park also boasts hiking trails, perfect for self-guided adventures.

Venture into the unknown on a guided tour to the Terciepelo cave, descending 60 meters (197 feet) beneath the earth. The journey begins with a scenic hike, climbing to an altitude of nearly 300 meters over an hour. Once inside, spend another hour uncovering the history and significance of these natural wonders, where ancient artifacts and human remains have been discovered.

Hiking to the Caves

Our day began with a challenging 1.5-hour hike into the heart of Barra Honda National Park en route to the mystical caves. The trek proved more demanding than anticipated, especially under the scorching 90-degree sun. Despite the heat, the lush surroundings came alive with the sweet melodies of birds and occasional glimpses of wildlife. A refreshing water break offered a welcome respite, rejuvenating us for the remainder of the journey.

Hiking trail

The trail to the caves was a pleasant surprise, expertly laid out to guide us through the lush surroundings. While the uphill climb was undoubtedly challenging, the path itself was flat and smooth, devoid of obstacles like rocks, branches, and trees. This thoughtful design allowed us to focus on our journey, taking in the sights and sounds of the forest without worrying about navigating treacherous terrain.

Reaching the Cave Entrance

After our invigorating hike, we finally arrived at the cave entrance, clearly marked by signs. The excitement was palpable as we spotted giant iguanas and mischievous monkeys lurking nearby! Following a brief respite, we geared up and prepared to descend into the first cave via a towering ladder. The initial climb down was unnerving, but our minds were at ease knowing we were securely harnessed in twice and a safety expert at the bottom held the rope, ready to intervene if needed.

Cave entrance

As you reach the bottom, prepare to be left speechless… WOW! A hidden realm awaits, teeming with natural wonders. Above, the vibrant world is alive with trees, wind, wildlife, and sunshine, but a serene stillness envelops you below. The hustle and bustle of the surface gives way to an eerie quiet devoid of animals, wind, and dirt. Instead, marvel at the breathtaking formations of stalagmites and stalactites towering around you. Your journey begins 35 meters down, at the entrance to this subterranean world, where the beauty of nature will leave you amazed.

In the Caves

We delved deeper into the mystical world of Barra Honda’s caves, spending 30 minutes in the first chamber as our guide regaled us with tales of the formations’ ancient history. She nodded, indicating it was time to proceed to the next wonder, pointing to a narrow opening to the right. Our hearts raced as we prepared for another descent, this time through a tiny hole leading us 60 meters down to the aptly named “Fried Eggs Cave” (La Sala de Huevos Fritos). The name became apparent as we marveled at the stalagmites shaped like giant fried eggs. This passage proved to be a thrilling, tight squeeze, testing our resolve and sense of adventure!

As we settled into the depths of the Fried Eggs Cave, our guide instructed us to sit down and extinguish our headlights. The sudden darkness was palpable, enveloping us in an unsettling silence. It was as if we had entered a void devoid of sensory stimuli. The experience was fascinating and unnerving, akin to being suspended in time. The darkness was so profound that it was easy to understand how it could be used as a form of psychological torture, disorienting and disconcerting.

Yet, as we sat there, we began to appreciate the surreal beauty of our surroundings. The formations, crafted over hundreds and thousands of years, stood like sentinels, their delicate tips holding tiny pools of water. The shapes and figures seemed to come alive in the darkness, like flowers, grapes, teeth, and even human faces, a testament to the incredible power of geological forces.

As we emerged from the cave depths, a sense of accomplishment and pride washed over us. We had faced our fears, pushed our physical limits, and experienced the raw beauty of the earth up close. The thrill of exploration still lingered, and we felt invigorated like we had discovered a hidden treasure.

After a well-deserved rest, we began our descent back down the mountain. Our guide led us to a stunning viewpoint overlooking the picturesque Nicoya Peninsula. The vista unfolded like a canvas of emerald forests, golden beaches, and turquoise waters, a breathtaking panorama that stunned us.

Tips for Visiting Barra Honda National Park

Physical Condition: This tour requires moderate physical conditioning due to the steep and long hikes, tall ladder climb, and small spaces.

Claustrophobia Warning: Not suitable for those with claustrophobia or hesitation about small spaces or darkness.

Transportation: No public buses are available; book with a tour company or arrange private transportation.

Attire: Wear closed-toed, sturdy shoes and long hiking pants.

Provisions: Bring plenty of water, snacks, and sunscreen; no convenience store or amenities available at the park.

Accommodation: There are no hotels or lodging within the national park; it is best suited as a day trip from nearby towns like Tamarindo, Samara, Playas del Coco, or the Gulf of Papagayo.

Alternative Activities: Hiking trails and bat tours are available for those not interested in caves.

Independent Visit: You can visit the national park on your own for hiking but not for cave exploration.

Tour Value: Half of the tour involves hiking to the caves, but the unique experience makes it worth it. Ideal for those seeking an adventure beyond beaches.

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