Traffic Alerts

Updated:  April 24th, 2017 Road Closures & Traffic Delays in Costa Rica   Contents Road News Green Season GPS Info Watch our updates on this page and we’ll keep you in the know and on the move!  Besides, wouldn’t you rather be beachside watching the waves, than staring at someone’s bumper?  😉 Use your vacation… View Article

Affordable Electric Car

An Electric Future for Costa Rica   A Leaner, Greener Car CambYo Car could be the solution to Costa Rica’s troubling fuel emission issue in its aim to become a carbon neutral country.  The prototype of the electric car designed in Costa Rica has just won a national competition which will provide its inventor, Jesse… View Article

Tire Scam

Tire Scam — Old Technique Reappears   Good Samaritans Aren’t All That They Appear To Be An old crime that’s rearing its head again is the tire scam.It starts when a rental car is parking at a scenic sight, park, beach, or even at a street-side cafe.The criminals puncture a tire, so that it leaks… View Article