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We would prefer that you were renting from Vamos Rent-A-Car, but if you find that we (and our sister company Poas Rent A Car) are currently booked for your requested dates, we hope that our carefully selected list of alternative rental car companies will help you to secure a vehicle.

Combining our customers’ experiences with the other rental agencies, searching the internet and scouring the Trip Advisor forums, we’ve put together the following list.  We cannot guarantee that any of our recommendations are 100% perfect, but these are the best available alternatives to Vamos.

We look forward to serving you in the near future!

Happy & Safe Travels,
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Toll-Free:  1-855-861-1250
CR:  + 506-2542-4800

11 offices nationwide
Chauffeur service

Toll-Free:  1-855-533-1196
CR:  + 506-2242-7733

13 offices nationwide
‘Economy’ class cars

Toll-Free:  1-877-767-8651
CR:  + 506-2443-2950

4 offices in San Jose and Liberia
Pickup truck rentals

Toll-Free via Online App
CR:  + 506-2242-7878

30 offices nationwide
Chauffeur service

Toll-Free via Online App
CR:  + 506-2256-5713

7 offices nationwide
Chauffeur service

Wild Rider
US:  1-917-477-7712

Only based in San Jose
Motorcycle rentals

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