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8 Nov 2018 • Updated 5 May 2020

Mastering the Car Rental Process Like a Boss

Many international travelers dread the prospect of renting a car in a foreign country — mainly spurred on by the ‘horror stories’ that are posted on travel forums. Not only do language differences paint a bleak picture of potential lost-in-translation fiascos, navigating the paperwork and international legal requirements seems a daunting task.

But don’t dismay! Any worries about the Costa Rican rental process are alleviated by renting from Vamos Rent-A-Car. Our highly reviewed rental agents speak English and can guide you through the steps for renting your vacation vehicle in a clear and uncomplicated manner. You will be confident that you made the right choice from our prompt emails to our meet-and-greet shuttle service to our ‘quoted price is final price’ policy.

Use X-Ray Vision ::

No Hidden Fees. At Vamos, obligatory fees are clearly explained and presented upfront. Skip the additional surcharges that many franchises slip onto the bill; such as: license plate fee, environmental charges, and airport taxes, which add up to significantly decrease your vacation budget.

We’re so confident that our prices are the most competitive that we’ll match our competitor’s rates for similar services. Check out our Price Match Guarantee.

Select Appropriate Vehicle ::

Find the right vehicle for you! When choosing what type of vehicle to rent it’s best to think in terms of SIPP Codes — a simple four-letter acronym for each vehicle category — based on your itinerary. The Vamos fleet offers a variety of 2WD and 4WD vehicles to fit your specific needs. The number of people/luggage in your party, the added comforts and space, and the road/terrain conditions where you’ll be traveling all factor into the final budgetary decision.

What’s more, all rentals include 24/7 nationwide road assistance, as well as our Free Perks. In our aim to provide a positive, hassle-free, vacation or business experience, we include needed extras at no cost; extras that other rental companies charge heavily for! These free extras include a cell phone, beverage cooler, luggage racks, child seating, and even additional drivers.

Manage Risk ::

One of the most difficult steps in planning your Costa Rican vacation (besides picking *where* to go) is deciphering the car insurance choices. This is why we’ve clarified and simplified the process. Our rental car insurance page is so widely shared that even TripAdvisor members refer to it as the ‘gold standard’ for understanding the legal requirements. Whether you rent from us or not, give it a read so that you’re better prepared, especially concerning the mandatory, Third-Party Liability (TPL) insurance.

Enjoy More for Less ::

For extended periods, our long-term rental and vehicle leasing options are perfect for those who own or are looking to purchase real estate and those posted on work assignments in Costa Rica. If you’ll be in-country for 30 days or more, our long-term rental plan offers significantly discounted daily rates. Pair this with your credit card’s CDW and save big! If you’re staying for six months or more, take advantage of our individually-tailored lease packages. Lease a trusted Vamos vehicle and focus on the work-at-hand; leaving the car’s upkeep and Costa Rica’s tax and registration requirements up to us.

Process Primer ::

We’ll need four simple items to start your rental with Vamos. Your (#1) original (international) drivers license and (#2) passport, along with (#3) an accepted major credit card to which (#4) a rental deposit will be placed. All of which is dependent on the renter being 18 years of age or older.

Vamos will honor your credit card’s liability waiver. We offer two in-house Collision Damage Waivers; however if you decide to decline these and use your credit card’s coverage, we will need Proof of Coverage from your card provider. To decide which suits you best, visit our Car Insurance Explained page for a detailed breakdown of the options.

A typical rental agreement as well as specifics on our general policies concerning cancellations, minimum rental period, and published rates, etc. may be found on the Car Rental Requirements page.

Navigate Confidently ::

A lot of rumors you’ve heard about driving in Central America are probably true. And even though International Driving Laws apply, road signs and conditions can be quite different than back home — and of course, in Spanish. Locals are used to the fact that most streets don’t have visible name signs and have thus learned to rely on directions that include physical landmarks — such as, “Go 300 meters west after Supermarket Maria, then 100 meters south at the house with the big tree out front.” or have developed a sixth sense — which includes frequent stops to ask passersby.

To help get you ‘up to speed’, downloadable apps, such as Google Maps and the local favorite — Waze, are a great option for navigating the countryside. However, reception black-out areas are common once you leave the Central Valley. Our WazePhones (the nominal paid upgrade to our complimentary phones) not only works like a GPS device, but also as a real-time driving assistant and a portable Wi-Fi Hotspot as well! Make reservations, check in on members of your group, or receive calls from back home. The Vamos WazePhone is a veritable *Must Have* Item!

Dive Deeper ::

Having been around since 2004, we’ve heard most of the questions and concerns visitors have. Our FAQ page sorts these answers for quick reference.

Have a Back-Up Plan ::

Although renting out every car in the fleet is the goal of any rental company, when we sell out, customers miss out. We’d love to be able to fulfill every request, but it’s simply not possible. This is why we’ve done our research too and provide a list of list of “second-bests” to help ease the burden of securing a car. What other company actually refers their competitors? Only those who are true leaders in their industry, that’s who.

At Vamos Rent-A-Car, our philosophy is to provide transparent pricing and quality service. If you have any questions, doubts, or concerns about any of the information listed here, feel free to call our office and speak with one of our friendly, bilingual, and knowledgeable staff members. Your safety, comfort, and convenience are our primary concern!

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