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Customer Reviews


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Testimonials, Feedback and Recommendations

Have you heard great things about Vamos?  We bet you have, but sadly, there are still some who haven’t yet.  🙁

Vamos Rent-A-Car is highly recommended on TripAdvisor.com and other travel review websites — where there are numerous threads asking for advice on destinations, car rental insurance and the like.  We’ve even been called the best car rental company in Costa Rica, but don’t take our word of it…see for yourself how actual customers describe our services and value!

We invite you to read the good and the not-so-good alike.  From social media to survey comments, we keep it real, honest and transparent for everyone.

Since we’re all consumers, we truly appreciate all the submitted comments, concerns, and questions during the last ten years we’ve been online.  These experiences with Vamos have helped countless others make better, informed decisions as well as contributing to building a better rental company (and tourism industry).

We realize that our growth is directly related to our reputation and that is why we’ve elevated customer service to be one of our cornerstones.  Standing out from the crowd is what we do — otherwise, we’d be the same as every other agency…

We’re Your Island in the Sea of Franchises.

If you have any questions at all, please visit our Live Chat page where our exceptional staff will be happy to assist you.  You may also click the green chat box, found at the bottom right of every page — there’s even a place to leave a comment if it’s outside our regular business hours.

In addition, our Contact Us page has all the info you’ll ever need to reach either of our two offices — including Google Map addresses/GPS coordinates, seasonal office hours, phone, and email details.

Starting in June of this year, we’ve switched software.  An unfortunate consequence is we have to manually rebuild the database…so more of the older reviews will appear over time, but moving forward, it will be far easier to submit a new review online — just click the gray “Create your own review” button located under the Zendesk widget below.

At the point of swapping applications, Vamos had received an overall rating of 4.795 on a 5-star scale.  This was calculated from the 824 car rental reviews — submitted or posted elsewhere online.  Our documented reviews go all the way back to October 2012 — if anyone would care to scroll down memory lane.  😉

These three catchy boxes below show the last 100 reviews collected from the follow-up surveys submitted by confirmed customers.  Zendesk is cool enough to provide this widget to display the anonymous data.  

We try to keep it all smiles, but every once in awhile…one turns upside down.  Although we strive for perfection, our team is merely human after all.  We address all frowns with professionalism and honesty.  We own up to our shortcomings and ideally, depart as friends.  We’d love the opportunity to serve you soon — as a friend of the Vamos family!

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Vamos Rent-A-Car
Average rating:  
 363 reviews
by Oliverbenny on Vamos Rent-A-Car
from Trip Advisor

Picked up our car at Vamos, as noted above... In and out pretty snappy, all handled quite professionally in my opinion. The representative did explain everything he was doing and what I was signing. He went rather fast, but I knew the ropes so to speak, and what I wanted and didn't want. I can see where it could be intimidating though if you didn't know the process. I believe (but can't say for certain) he would have slowed down and taken extra time with everything if someone were to ask - they weren't overwhelmed with check-ins or anything; I think he was more interested in getting things handled quickly in terms of not wasting extra of our travel time, not so much his time.
The car was a large, 7-passenger Montero Sport (diesel) with somewhere in the 41,000 km range (I forgot to write it down, and oddly it is nowhere on the rental papers either). Clean car, but numerous minor nicks and scratches and a small crack/tear in the plastic bumper cover at the drivers side rear corner. Just to be safe, my son video'd the exterior and I took photos of specifics. I honestly don't believe it necessary with Vamos, but still, spending what - a minute? - to possibly save a headache later just seems wise. Tires were rugged and were very good tread.
I used my AMEX Premium rental insurance ($24.95 one time for entire rental period), so only was paying Vamos' basic rate with included TPL. (On a previous trip, I used my free Visa coverage. Now that I have this AMEX coverage, I used it as it has a much higher vehicle $ limit, and in general seems more robust of a product.) Vamos only placed a $2,000 hold on my card, which is on the low side compared to other firms I've seen, for a premium level car and no in-house CDW. (I wasn't concerned that much about the hold, as this card has a decently high limit, and was only a backup other than using it for the rental, but I mention the figure anyway as I know the large deposit is sometimes a concern for people.)
The rate for 16 days was $820.64, which is exactly what they charged when I turned the car in (more later on turn-in). My original quote was $1003, which was the best I found back in the spring and which I was happily prepared to pay for months, until about August when I was poking around (oddly, doing research for someone's forum thread) and found a better rate with Enterprise. It was for the same vehicle and dates, same insurance, so I emailed Vamos and asked if they could tweak their rate down any. Turns out they have a price match offer (details are on their website) and they asked me to forward them the details of my competing quote. I didn't strictly meet the terms of their match offer (dates are limited) but they matched the Enterprise quote anyway. (Honestly, I would have been happy even with splitting the difference, but this was even better.) I realize that instead of price matching I could have just rented from Enterprise, but I wanted to stay with the people (Vamos) I have used before and trust, and who generate so much good reviews from others here, rather than switching to Enterprise (a big chain name, but not much info on here about their CR workings) and risking a rental from less of a 'known quantity' company just to save $180.  Source

Thank you for taking the considerable time and effort needed to provide such a detailed and informative description of your experience with Vamos, OliverBenny. Your post will be invaluable for potential car renters.
From our part, your comments on the speed of the counter delivery are noted. I think as my coworkers are repeating the same information frequently; they may forget that it is new to others. You are correct in thinking that we’d be happy to re-explain any points missed.
We look forward to hearing more about your exciting travels in our beautiful country.

by Stephanie on Vamos Rent-A-Car
Unrivalled Customer Service!

Literally could not have been happier with the service from these guys!
Mauricio got us all set up when we landed in San Jose. He was so friendly and helpful and provided all kinds of awesome advice! We had a brand new vehicle with only 26 kms on it when we left the lot! They even provided us with aux cables and a some other extras! We were picked up at the airport by a Vamos employee with a sign with my name on it, they made the arrival in a new country effortless.
Honestly, unrivalled customer service!

Team Member Mauricio Rojas
We’re thrilled that you've written such a glowing review of our services, Stephanie.
Kind words like yours are a great motivator for the whole team.
Mauricio is an experienced member of our team and we’re pleased that he provided you with a warm welcome to Costa Rica.

by Vanessa N. on Vamos Rent-A-Car
from Facebook

I own a rental home in Costa Rica and have rented from Vamos a few times, always a positive experience.
This past trip, after a two week rental, I returned my vehicle yesterday. Apparently, there was some damage sustained to the passenger front end, of which I have no idea or recollection of how it happened. I was so very upset because I didn’t take pictures or videos of the car before taking it off the lot and I didn’t take the full insurance coverage. Luis went above and beyond and did not charge me for the damages, which was completely unexpected but so appreciated, beyond measure.
I highly recommend this respectable and honest company.

Thank you for taking the time to post this review, Vanessa. We are glad that we could provide another positive rental experience and we’ll look forward to seeing you again soon!

by Walker G. on Vamos Rent-A-Car
from Google+

Friendly, efficient, no pressure to buy their CDW insurance, good car.
Will rent here again for sure!  Source

We appreciate you taking the time to offer feedback on your rental experience, Walker. We don’t like hard sells either so we like to simply inform our customers about their options.
See you next time!

by Ryan B. on Vamos Rent-A-Car
Stress-Free Experience

I have rented cars in a few different airports. Typically a stressful experience because of no designated queue at the counter, employees who aren't interested, and a crowded arrivals area.
With Vamos, it was much easier. They had my name on a sign outside of arrivals. Greeted me with a smile and drove me to their office. The office staff was helpful and friendly and got us started on our vacation quickly.
Service was fantastic.

Thank you for your feedback, Ryan. I’m glad that my coworkers could provide you with a smooth rental experience.
We hope to see you again too!

by Danny M. on Vamos Rent-A-Car
from Google+

Vamos was incredible!
Exactly what we wanted in a car rental experience.
I picked Vamos due to the reviews online and I can confidently say that they lived up to it and much more. The process was smooth and VERY TRANSPARENT. I read of horror stories online about some rental companies but Vamos delivered and provided phenomenal customer service. I would recommend paying the $30/day full insurance...covers everything and you don't have to worry about a thing. They take a deposit up front (as a hold on your card) and then provide it back in full if you have the full insurance (CDW).
Will definitely use them again!  Source

Thank you for the detailed and glowing review of our services, Danny.
Future customers will find your suggestions and information very useful so your tips are very much appreciated.
We’ll look forward to welcoming you back to the Vamos family next time!

by Chris H. on Vamos Rent-A-Car

Picked us up at the airport with our name on a sign. Hot coffee when we were filling out paperwork and they gave us a cooler to keep with us on the trip.
Great car. We had it for 2 weeks with no problems. They gave us a ride back to the airport and all for a better price than I found on any other site.
I would highly recommend Vamos.

Thank you for the positive review, Chris.
We’re glad that you appreciated our meet and greet service from the airport and our competitive pricing.

by Mr. Nice Sky on Vamos Rent-A-Car
from Google+

Amazing service and prices. Picked us up at the airport using a sign and our names (very helpful). Great car and price. I highly recommend going with these guys.  Source

So pleased that our meet and greet at the airport worked well for you and that your car rental experience was so positive, Mr. Nice Sky.
We hope to welcome you back to Costa Rica in the future!

by Chris H. on Vamos Rent-A-Car
from Facebook

Great service, prices and cars. I will call them first for now on!

We’re so pleased that you’ve decided to join our Vamos family, Chris.
We’ll be waiting for your call!

by Fani V. on Vamos Rent-A-Car
from Google+

Thank you for your five-star rating, Fani!

by Jorge C. on Vamos Rent-A-Car
from Google+

Thank you for the four-star review, Jorge.
If there is anything that we could have improved on your car rental experience, we would love to know!

by Kuldeep T. on Vamos Rent-A-Car
from Google+

We’re happy to receive your five-star rating, Kuldeep.
Thank you!

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