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Customer Reviews


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Testimonials, Feedback and Recommendations

Have you heard great things about Vamos?  We bet you have, but sadly, there are still some who haven’t yet.  🙁

Vamos Rent-A-Car is highly recommended on TripAdvisor.com and other travel review websites — where there are numerous threads asking for advice on destinations, car rental insurance and the like.  We’ve even been called the best car rental company in Costa Rica, but don’t take our word of it…see for yourself how actual customers describe our services and value!

We invite you to read the good and the not-so-good alike.  From social media to survey comments, we keep it real, honest and transparent for everyone.

Since we’re all consumers, we truly appreciate all the submitted comments, concerns, and questions during the last ten years we’ve been online.  These experiences with Vamos have helped countless others make better, informed decisions as well as contributing to building a better rental company (and tourism industry).

We realize that our growth is directly related to our reputation and that is why we’ve elevated customer service to be one of our cornerstones.  Standing out from the crowd is what we do — otherwise, we’d be the same as every other agency…

We’re Your Island in the Sea of Franchises.

If you have any questions at all, please visit our Live Chat page where our exceptional staff will be happy to assist you.  You may also click the green chat box, found at the bottom right of every page — there’s even a place to leave a comment if it’s outside our regular business hours.

In addition, our Contact Us page has all the info you’ll ever need to reach either of our two offices — including Google Map addresses/GPS coordinates, seasonal office hours, phone, and email details.

Starting in June of this year, we’ve switched software.  An unfortunate consequence is we have to manually rebuild the database…so more of the older reviews will appear over time, but moving forward, it will be far easier to submit a new review online — just click the gray “Create your own review” button located under the Zendesk widget below.

At the point of swapping applications, Vamos had received an overall rating of 4.795 on a 5-star scale.  This was calculated from the 824 car rental reviews — submitted or posted elsewhere online.  Our documented reviews go all the way back to October 2012 — if anyone would care to scroll down memory lane.  😉

These three catchy boxes below show the last 100 reviews collected from the follow-up surveys submitted by confirmed customers.  Zendesk is cool enough to provide this widget to display the anonymous data.  

We try to keep it all smiles, but every once in awhile…one turns upside down.  Although we strive for perfection, our team is merely human after all.  We address all frowns with professionalism and honesty.  We own up to our shortcomings and ideally, depart as friends.  We’d love the opportunity to serve you soon — as a friend of the Vamos family!

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Average rating:  
 289 reviews
by Gene P. on Vamos Rent-A-Car
from Facebook

They were just awesome about everything. Always communicated quickly and efficiently; had a wonderful vehicle. Got the price that was quoted no high-pressure to take extra insurance if renting with credit card that provided it.

Thank you so much for the glowing review, Gene!
We’re always happy to serve awesome clients who appreciate our no hidden fees commitment and updated fleet.
We hope to see you soon!

by Scott S. on Vamos Rent-A-Car
from Google+

This is the best rental car experience I have ever had, and I rent cars all the time when traveling.
The staff are very courteous and are fluent in English. Upon arrival at the airport in San Jose, they were already there to meet us with their shuttle. They had us in our car and on the road within 15 minutes after that! The same thing upon the return. They had us back in the shuttle and to the airport within 15 minutes!
The next time I visit Costa Rica I will definitely rent from them again.

We're very pleased that you rate our services so highly, especially when you’re a seasoned traveler and rental car user, Scott.
Our aim is to get our customers on the road and likewise, to the airport, as quickly as possible. Waiting times may vary depending on the season and time of day.
We love to welcome back returning customers and we’ll look forward to seeing you next time!

by Sumeet T. on Vamos Rent-A-Car
from SurveyMonkey

We had car trouble during the last day of trip (our radiator leaked) and I called Luis at Vamos. He was very responsive, consulting the mechanic for advice, getting a replacement vehicle ready, and making sure we were safe. He even spoke to shopkeepers on our behalf to ensure he knew of our exact location. Mechanical problems can happen unexpectedly, but Luis and other staff at Vamos took care of the problem very quickly and minimised the inconvenience to us.
We were very impressed and will recommend Vamos to any friends that are considering renting a car in Costa Rica.

Please allow me to apologize again for the mechanical issues that you encountered at the end of your rental, Sumeet. I’m pleased that Luis was able to quickly rectify the situation to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.
As Vamos is a small, local business, word of mouth recommendations, like yours make a huge difference to us -- thank you!

by Jonathan M. on Vamos Rent-A-Car
from Facebook

Good service. Honest employees. No Complaints. Highly recommend.

Thank you for the positive feedback, Jonathan!
We’re happy to see that you were satisfied with the customer service you received and are recommending us to others -- as a small, local company, this is a huge help!

by Justin K. on Vamos Rent-A-Car
from Google+

San Jose, Costa Rica- Issue with Employee, Maurice. I had no issues with the car and how it operated during my stay in Costa Rica. It came down to the very last day upon returning the car where issues arose.
The day before dropping off the car we had spent the day at the beach. After the beach I placed my sunglasses in the sunglass holder above by the windshield. Of course the one thing I forget to grab upon dropping off the car were the $300 Oakley sunglasses. With time left before my flight was leaving I made an attempt to find these glasses by contacting the San Jose, Costa Rica branch. The young man, David was very helpful and checked the car a couple of times. Once saying he could not find them I got a ride back to their location and of course they were not there. They were 100% left in that compartment and they were stolen. The individual who had parked our car and assessed it was, Maurice. I know 100% that the glasses were left in that compartment. I had not removed them from the previous day and somehow they magically vanished.
I take responsibility for leaving a valuable item in the car. I just thought I could trust a rental car service that I just paid a fortune to for a week.  Source

Thank you for your rating and feedback, Justin. I am pleased that you had zero issues with your rental vehicle and its performance during your rental period. It is always disappointing when a customer is not completely satisfied with their car rental experience, so I would like to apologize that the end of your rental did not meet with your expectations.
While every company may have an employee that is dishonest, I am very proud of the close-knit and well-motivated San Jose team; many of which have worked for the organization for years.
We are very used to customers forgetting possessions in our cars; from medication, electronic devices such as Kindles and iPhones, and the all important passport. These items are either driven to the airport to give to the customer immediately or mailed to their homes. Read some of our other reviews and you’ll see those who were in your same situation but handled it differently.
In your case, both David and Maurice had followed Vamos protocol to the letter by documenting the incident immediately and advising management that the customer had threatened to leave a poor review when the glasses could not be found.
We all forget where we place our keys from time to time so is it also possible that the sunglasses that were found between the car seats had not been placed in the sunglass holder as you thought? May I remind you of what you’ve conveniently left out — we did return your sunglasses before your flight. What more would you have liked us to do for you?
I would like to apologize that you felt your car rental was costly. We applied our 20% 'Spring into Summer' discount on your rental, but as I am sure you are aware; car rental is more expensive in Costa Rica than in the USA due to the high importation tax on vehicles, the wear and tear on vehicles due to the weather and road conditions, and the government-mandated insurance requirements. I hope that this clarifies the pricing of car rental in our country.

by Wayne U on Vamos Rent-A-Car
Two Times Down; Third Time to Come

We have used Vamos twice; once in 2015 and once in 2017. Now we’re looking at returning in November 2018 and will be using Vamos again.
I feel it and then Luis has a very good company and he actually had them deliver a car to use it on one of the air stays and it worked out great. I really enjoy working with them so we will be using them again in November 2018; getting ready to book my car now.

We love to welcome back loyal customers to Vamos, Wayne, and we’ll be happy to arrange vehicle delivery again if this would start your vacation off smoothly.
Luis is a valued member of our team and will look forward to seeing you again in November!

by Janielle on Vamos Rent-A-Car
from Google+

Great experience.
Renting a car in Costa Rica can be complicated with the different mandatory insurance requirements. Vamos Rent A Car answered all my questions prior to booking, were very thorough and helpful during the rental process itself and at the end of the day, the price that was quoted to me was exactly what I was charged.
Highly recommend and will definitely use again next time I venture to CR!  Source

We’re pleased that we could clarify your doubts before booking and support you through the reservation and rental processes, Janielle.
Your recommendation whether word of mouth or on social media makes a big difference to us as a small, local company.

by Edward S. on Vamos Rent-A-Car
from Google+

As far as rental car companies go, they are not bad.  Source

Thanks for the review, Edward! We are happy that we didn’t disappoint, but if there is anything we could have done to improve our service; we’d love to know!

by Negra R. on Vamos Rent-A-Car
from Facebook

I agree, I am loyal to them. Only company I rent from when visiting my country!

We're looking forward to your next visit -- and your aunt too!

by framptonian on Vamos Rent-A-Car
from Trip Advisor

[...] The top companies rarely change - nor does the worst...
Stick with:
Dollar [...]  Source
[...] Vamos comes in as a close second and is straight-forward and transparent. [...]  Source
[...] Alas, there's a reason why Vamos is highly regarded... [...]  Source

Thank you for your consistent positive recommendations for Vamos!

by Vamos RC on Vamos Rent-A-Car
from Google+

Driving on the west coast of Costa Rica is interesting. Many turns, skinny roads, and change of conditions - paved to dirt and dips in the road, so higher clearance is good. Many ride bikes and cross roads with little planning and few bikes or motorcyclists wear helmets.
The car given to us had 10 or 15 scratches, but I am enjoying driving manual again. Hard to find those at home anymore. Be safe.  Source

Thank you for using one of our trusted smartphones to review our services!
We completely agree with your assessment of the road conditions and recommendation for higher clearance. Having driven yourself, you can understand why our cars would have a few minor scratches!
If there is anything that we could improve on to have gained a five star rating, we’d love to know.

by J R S on Vamos Rent-A-Car
Best I have Experienced

I rented from Vamos for the 2 weeks I was in CR. Great experience.
They delivered the car to my hotel for no charge. (I did tip the guy $20 because he made it so convenient.) There was a cooler in the car; no charge.
My girlfriend was allowed to also drive at no extra charge. When we returned the car, they drove us to the hotel and dropped us off; once again, no charge.
If I go back to Costa Rica, Vamos is who I will use again.
[also left similar comments on our Facebook page and TripAdvisor]

Thank you for taking the time to give feedback on your car rental, J. We're happy that the free perks and hotel delivery and drop off were to your satisfaction.
We'll be looking forward to your return to Costa Rica (and Vamos)!

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