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Have you heard great things about Vamos?  We bet you have, but sadly, there are still some who haven’t yet.  🙁

Vamos Rent-A-Car is highly recommended on and other travel review websites — where there are numerous threads asking for advice on destinations, car rental insurance and the like.  We’ve even been called the best car rental company in Costa Rica, but don’t take our word of it…see for yourself how actual customers describe our services and value!

We invite you to read the good and the not-so-good alike.  From social media to survey comments, we keep it real, honest and transparent for everyone.

Since we’re all consumers, we truly appreciate all the submitted comments, concerns, and questions during the last ten years we’ve been online.  These experiences with Vamos have helped countless others make better, informed decisions as well as contributing to building a better rental company (and tourism industry).

We realize that our growth is directly related to our reputation and that is why we’ve elevated customer service to be one of our cornerstones.  Standing out from the crowd is what we do — otherwise, we’d be the same as every other agency…

We’re Your Island in the Sea of Franchises.

If you have any questions at all, please visit our Live Chat page where our exceptional staff will be happy to assist you.  You may also click the green chat box, found at the bottom right of every page — there’s even a place to leave a comment if it’s outside our regular business hours.

In addition, our Contact Us page has all the info you’ll ever need to reach either of our two offices — including Google Map addresses/GPS coordinates, seasonal office hours, phone, and email details.

Starting in June of this year, we’ve switched software.  An unfortunate consequence is we have to manually rebuild the database…so more of the older reviews will appear over time, but moving forward, it will be far easier to submit a new review online — just click the gray “Create your own review” button located under the Zendesk widget below.

At the point of swapping applications, Vamos had received an overall rating of 4.795 on a 5-star scale.  This was calculated from the 824 car rental reviews — submitted or posted elsewhere online.  Our documented reviews go all the way back to October 2012 — if anyone would care to scroll down memory lane.  😉

These three catchy boxes below show the last 100 reviews collected from the follow-up surveys submitted by confirmed customers.  Zendesk is cool enough to provide this widget to display the anonymous data.  

We try to keep it all smiles, but every once in awhile…one turns upside down.  Although we strive for perfection, our team is merely human after all.  We address all frowns with professionalism and honesty.  We own up to our shortcomings and ideally, depart as friends.  We’d love the opportunity to serve you soon — as a friend of the Vamos family!

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Average rating:  
 240 reviews
by Kyle D. on Vamos Rent-A-Car
from Facebook

This company will always be my recommendation for anyone thinking of renting a car in Costa Rica. Very friendly and willing to help. If you do your research you will hear great things about them. Thanks again for the great experience!

Thank you, Kyle. We really appreciate your positive feedback and hope to welcome you back soon!

by Will G. on Vamos Rent-A-Car
from Google+

Your five star review is greatly appreciated, Will.

by Robert P. on Vamos Rent-A-Car
from Google+

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on our services, Robert!

by adamiskewl on Vamos Rent-A-Car
from Trip Advisor

Used Vamos very recently and would echo they were excellent.  Source

Thanks for chiming in to support Xelas’ positive comments, Adam.
We really appreciate the time you’ve taken to review us on social media.

by Christine C. on Vamos Rent-A-Car
from Google+

Thank you for your five-star rating, Christine.

by xelas on Vamos Rent-A-Car
from Trip Advisor

That is when the really good guys stand out of the crowd ... when problems are to be sorted out, quickly and efficiently!
Saying that Vamos is a great rental car company because nothing went wrong is, well, not much. But saying Vamos is a great rental car company because they have acted as expected in the time of need, like in your case, says it all.  Source

Being a Destination Expert on TripAdvisor's Costa Rica forum, you're on the advice A-list and getting a nod from you means a lot to our business. Thank you.

by RocklandMan on Vamos Rent-A-Car
from Trip Advisor

I just returned from Costa Rica and rented a 4x4 SUV from Vamos. I am recommending them to everyone. At first, when you start reading this, you might wonder why, but as you read on, you'll understand.
The vehicle looked good. We took off from San Jose and got to La Fortuna without a hitch. In the morning we drove over to the park to take a hike around the volcano. When we returned to the vehicle, it wouldn't start. We were stranded in the parking lot of Arenal Volcano and our vacation was going to go down the toilet. Not speaking Spanish made getting help a problem. We tried getting a boost from a couple of people but the car still wouldn't start. We called Vamos.
It took a while to get things sorted out. They made contact with a local guy who came on a motorcycle with a battery charger and he succeeded in getting the car started. We got to our AirBnB, the motorcyclist followed us "just in case" and once we got there, we shut the engine and tried to start it but the thing was dead as a door nail.
Vamos made arrangements to have a car delivered. They had a man drive it 3 hours to our AirBnB. He installed a new battery in the car with a bad one (it was probably more than the battery - most likely the alternator that was shot) but we took the much newer one that he drove up and he took the car with the bad one.
When you go to a foreign country, one that you might think has less consumer protections than we might be used to, this is the type of situation that you fear happening. Vamos stepped up big time and were so accommodating to us from start to finish. They paid for cabs we took while we didn't have a usable vehicle. They took care of us and, at the end, waived off some extra fees.
They get an A++++ rating from me. The vacation was terrific when it could have been a disaster. Feel good about using these guys. Feel really good.  Source

Thank you for writing such a detailed review, RocklandMan.
While we wish that you hadn't encountered vehicle issues, we're delighted that we could resolve them to your satisfaction.

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