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Halloween Promotional Gift for 2019

We’ve returned. This year our handmade puppet is based on the star of numerous children’s fairy tales — the witch!

Last year, we handed out puppets to those who were in our offices on Halloween day. Following the newly established tradition, we’ve picked another easily recognizable character of the spooky season and commissioned their creation.

Instead of the apple-holding wicked witch, this smiling, rosy-cheeked, woodland figure wears a toadstool hat and brings a touch of Costa Rican culture wherever you are.

This limited production run of 50 handcrafted figures will be offered to each renter for free — whether picking up or returning a vehicle; it’s our gift this October 31st.

Next year, we’ll have a different character made by yet another artisan as our collectible holiday giveaway continues. Stay tuned to see who it will be!

Halloween Witch Puppet
“Here’s Johnny!”
Sneak peek of latest puppet

Halloween Witches
Experience a Costa Rican tradition this Halloween with your very own unique gift! Which witch will be yours?
Don’t let this wart-nosed lady scare you from sharing your enjoyable experience with friends and family. She’s really a sweetie.

The folklore around witches and witchcraft in Costa Rica centers around what is now the ex-pat town of Escazu in the Central Valley. Since pre-Columbian times, the settlement was known as “el pueblo de brujas” or the “town of the witches” but the most frightening of all these wicked women was Maria Negra.

Legend has it that the last witch in the town known for its broomstick flying population lived north of the church and was discovered by her grandfather, Tali, who had prevented her from marrying the man she loved. When he found Maria naked in a trance, standing in the little stream that ran by their house, he knew that she was casting a spell but she begged him to stay silent and then left to make her own rustic home.

He was worried that she would cause harm to someone so confided in a few of his trusted neighbors. Tali was punished for his gossip by being cursed by his witch granddaughter — as cow manure fell on the roof of his house at midnight and his cows kicked uncontrollably, breaking the wooden boards of his house. He ran outside to see what was happening but all was calm except the smell of cow dung in the air. Days later, one of his small children choked to death on a candy and worse still, when he had to go to El Jaboncillo near Hatilla to weed his crops, the wicked woman passed by his house and cursed his large pig and her piglets. They bit Tali and chased him at whim. He defended himself with a knife but could not kill or drive them away as they were bewitched.

This continued for weeks until the witch died — an event which was marked by a strong earthquake and its aftershocks caused the witch’s dirt house to collapse and be totally destroyed. From that day on, Tali lived happily but the legend of Maria Negra was set in stone.

To Limit the Frowns

Just to be clear — since we will be getting a boatload of requests — to qualify for a free puppet, you must be in an active rental agreement with Vamos AND either picking up or returning a vehicle on that day. Since we have produced a limited amount based on the rental forecast, any early termination of a reservation to coincide with October 31 will not enable you to receive this gift as they will already be assigned. Furthermore, rentals with our sister company, Poas, do not qualify for this offer.

Offer Valid Only for New Rentals STARTING or RETURNING on October 31st, 2019 and Limited to a 28-day Rental Agreement. No Cash Value.

Limited Promo
Don’t Miss Out!

An Interview with the Artisan, Alfonso Vega

My name is Alfonso Vega but most people call me “Pocho”. I’ve been making mascaradas [Spanish for large masks] for over forty years now.

I got interested in the masquerades as a boy since my father played in cimarronas [an amateur band composed of wind and percussion instruments for local festivals] and they were a great source for my imagination.

In the late seventies and early eighties under the Carazo administration, steady employment was difficult to find, so when I was asked to rent out my masks for town fairs, I was very happy. The three masks that I had made earlier for a turno [town fair] in my hometown of La Union de Cartago brought in 500 colones! That’s nothing today, but back then, it was quite a sum!

Each of these mascaradas are unique. The designs come from my mind. I handcraft them using only a few tools. I used to work in construction, so I’m used to working with my hands.

Over the years, I’ve worked closely with the ICT [Instituto Costarricense de Turismo — the Costa Rican Tourism Board] and continue to participate on national ferias [fairs]. I am very passionate about what I do. I start working at 6am and don’t finish till late every day. I’m anxious to finish the final mascara.

I hope to pass these traditions on to my daughter and granddaughter — who help me in the shop now. I enjoy that part. I also like talking about the process. Stop by and chat sometime!

Artist Alfonso 'Pocho' Vega
Alfonso “Pocho” Vega takes a photo break in his studio

Design Ideas Over the Years
Shelves of smaller statues serve as a reminder of all of Pocho’s creations.

This year Alfonso worked with Alex to create 50 hand puppets for Vamos. A lovable green-faced witch will go to each renter this Halloween. If you’re one of those lucky ones, we await seeing your likeness on social media!

Collection of Masks
“They’re grrrrrreat!” says Tony the Tiger.
Our last year’s and this year’s personalities can be found stored among other friends — some scary, some cheerful.

Great Offer for Halloween

Hadn’t planned on being in Costa Rica for Halloween? No worries, we’ve got a great discount going during that time, so maybe that will make it easier on ya!

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Offer Valid Only for New Rentals STARTING and RETURNING between August 15th and November 20th, 2019 and limited to a 28-day rental agreement.

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*To qualify for this discount, you must mention the "Keep Summer Alive" when reserving with Vamos Rent-A-Car. Offer excludes rentals in excess of 28 days and any insurance charges. This promotion cannot be combined with any other offer; i.e. either a Price Match or Seasonal Discount, but not both. No cash value.

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