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Welcoming Back Clients as Friends


Returning Clients
"Returning Renters" photo © VRAC

Vamos Offers You Loyalty Perks

We’re always happy to have our clients return — and many of you do!

Customers revisit us because they appreciate our competitive pricing, meticulously maintained vehicles and great customer service.

The best part is when these happy renters spread their praise to their friends and family on Facebook and help others on travel advice forums such as TripAdvisor.com.

We show our appreciation to these ‘goodwill ambassadors’ with special loyalty rates and all of our usual complimentary perks:  free additional drivers, child seat, cooler, cell phone and roof racks.

Our counter staff knows our repeat customers.  They’re more than renters, they’re friends and we love ’em!

Come be treated like family at Vamos!