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Typical Rental Dilemma



Should I Rent or Bring My GPS to Costa Rica?

One of the most frequently asked questions posed by renters is whether a GPS is really needed.  The answer is, “How well do you know Costa Rica?”  Costa Rica’s road network is famous for its inconsistent or completely absent signage.

GPS Unit

It is possible to download digital maps to serve as an improvised GPS for many smart phones as well as relying on other apps/systems such as Google Earth/Maps and Garmin; however, most of these programs are often developed outside the country with limited knowledge of the practical routes AND most require an Internet connection to receive the directions in usable real-time.

As a client reported, "The route [Goggle Maps] advised us to take included some private horse trails and steep rough mountain roads, which we were not comfortable using.  One of the private roads was even fenced off, so we couldn’t even take the recommended path."  There have been other times when Google suggests taking a ferry route instead of a road…so unless you’re James Bond, your rental car isn’t going to float!  You’ll be out of luck and several hours out of your way.  Therefore, it is highly recommended to use the company that is the authority in Costa Rica — NavSat, which supplies the Ez-Find GPS with the most reliable information (click English in the navigational bar to read their info).

Throughout Costa Rica, every rent-a-car company that offers GPS rentals uses software from NavSat.  This is because NavSat’s maps are updated at least twice a year to maintain relevancy and accuracy, providing true customer satisfaction.  Return To Contents


EzFind provides stress-free traveling.  Explore without fear on Costa Rica’s rustic byways — where road signs are rare and adventure is around every corner.  EzFind will always get you there and back again!  Return To Contents

Exotic Locales

Discover the wonders of Costa Rica with EzFind’s expert satellite mapping.  More than 47,000 points of interest are only a touch away, ready to guide you to any national park, hotel, beach, volcano, resort or any other exhilarating place you can dream of in Costa Rica -– regardless of how well-hidden it may be.  Return To Contents


Besides the typical points of interest that other related mapping programs or apps may provide, EzFind comes prepared with over two thousand driver alerts.  Need to know about a narrow bridge, dangerous curve, school zone or even a tourist speed trap?  EZFind quickly signals these driving hazards ahead of time, so you can stay informed.  Return To Contents


NAVSAT pioneered navigation by developing and perfecting quality mapping data over the last seven years to become Costa Rica’s most trusted GPS map source.  Who else has nearly 32,000 km of roadways displayed accurately at your fingertips?  With EzFind GPS, your vacation will be a breeze the entire way!  Return To Contents

"The Difference is Clear.  NavSat and their EzFind GPS are the Experts in Costa Rica."

EzFind Logo

Proudly Used at Vamos

We have tried other GPS suppliers, but none have been as accurate or customer-friendly as NAVSAT.  That’s why Vamos exclusively uses EzFind on every GPS unit we offer.

Rent one along with your vehicle to ensure timely arrivals and less stress — especially helpful for wedding parties and families traveling with young ones!  Our GPS rentals are normally priced at $8/day, but do check out our Specials page to take advantage of any promotions during your time here in Costa Rica.  Return To Contents

Free Option

There’s also a free resource you may use if you’re reluctant to rent a GPS.

YourTravelMap.com offers a route planner with clear Tico directions and far more accurate journey times than Google.  Plan your vacation in advance by printing your personal itinerary along with detailed directions and driving times.  Return To Contents


Although NavSat is currently the best GPS software for Costa Rica, it still puts Vamos at a disadvantage.  The rental cost of the individual GPS units is passed onto the customer, whereas our WazePhone can be offered at a cheaper daily rate as this overhead is removed.

We’ve stocked an initial inventory of 30 SIM card and Waze-equipped, smartphone units with a long-term plan to enable every car rental customer the opportunity to use a Waze device in the future.

Feedback from our trial run was extremely positive with customers preferring Waze over the conventional GPS units.  The accuracy, continued route tracking (even when out of signal range), and its ease of use; all contributed to Waze coming out on top.

Read more about our new navigational tool here –> Cell Phone-GPS-Mobile HotspotReturn To Contents

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Ricardo's not one for getting lost on his way to the waves.  Don't spend your precious vacation time going in circles.  Find your way with a GPS unit.
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