Frequently Asked Rental Questions

Frequently Asked Car Rental Questions   Contents Age Requirement? Rental Deposit Amount? Accepted Payment Choices? Credit Card Choices? Different Credit Card? Debit Cards? How Safe is My Info? Rent Multiple Cars? Split Cost of Car? Multiple Discounts? Express Check-In? How Much Luggage Can I Fit? Do You Allow Pets? Cleaning Fee? How to Pick Up… View Article

Car Rental Insurance Explained

Rental Insurance Explained   Contents Mandatory TPL Additional Insurance Basic CDW Full CDW Rental Deposits Credit Card Programs Internet Insurances Voiding Insurance Unsure of which rental car insurance coverages you’ll need for your trip to Costa Rica?  In less than a minute each, we’ll explain in the following videos.  🙂 Mystified by mandatory car insurance? … View Article

Elusive Rental Quotes Exposed

Car Rental Pricing – The "Hidden" Economics of Quotes   Your browser does not support iframes. We know that there are questionable pricing practices in the car rental industry and that’s why Vamos incorporated its transparent, "No Hidden Fees" motto several years ago. When we launched our Price Match Guarantee in the summer of 2013,… View Article

Rental Requirements

Rental Agreement Information   Contents General Requirements Conditional Requirement Cancellations & Changes Minimums & Modifications Sample Rental Agreement So just what do you need to rent a car in Costa Rica?  Well, you don’t have to take a deep breath because it’s really not that complicated. We’ve condensed it down to less than a handful… View Article

New GPS for Costa Rica

WazePhone — Technology Evolves   Contents •  Intro •  Why Use? •  Google Maps? •  Client Reviews •  What Next? •  Free Option •  Cell Coverage Waze is the new navigational tool for drivers in Costa Rica — the land without address systems and limited signage. Move aside static GPS, the new tech gizmo in… View Article

Cell Phone Options for Costa Rica

Provided Cell Phone   Contents Unlimited Data Terms of Use Cellular Coverage Free Option Every rented vehicle can be supplied with a cell phone.  We hope that this complimentary service will offer you greater peace of mind, knowing that you can communicate with one of our representatives at the touch of a button.  Please request… View Article

Alternatives to Vamos

Rental Car Companies – Recommended Alternatives   Our Recommendations We would prefer that you were renting from Vamos Rent-A-Car, but if you find that we (and our sister company Poas Rent A Car) are currently booked for your requested dates, we hope that our carefully selected list of alternative rental car companies will help you… View Article

Free Perks for Your Costa Rican Vacation

Free Perks   Contents Cell Phone Ice Chest Child Seating Roof Racks Additional Drivers Why Rent a Car from Vamos? We offer numerous free perks to make your driving experience in Costa Rica a safe and comfortable one. We aim to provide a top-quality service — and unlike our competitors, not just an opportunity to… View Article

Car Rental SIPP Codes

Understanding SIPP Codes in the Car Rental Industry   Contents Where to Start? What’s a SIPP? Why Use Codes? Guaranteed Model? How to Use SIPP? History Word of Caution 1.  Where to start? Is a rental car on your "To Do" list for your vacation in Costa Rica?  If so, how will you decide on… View Article

Long-Term Car Rentals

Long-Term Car Rentals Costa Rica   Special Long-Term Rates* $14.05 per day $26.00/day with Mandatory TPL*Rates for 84+ day sedan rental &subject to credit card CDW approval — — — Contact Us Todayfor an Individually-TailoredLease Package Sometimes a week just isn’t enough time to do all that you want.  Perhaps one of the following examples better describes your current… View Article
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