To Ship or To Buy?

To Ship or To Buy? A Dilemma   Contents Importing Cars Headache Dollars References Looking forward to starting a new chapter in your life in Costa Rica?  Good for you! Unless you’re relocating to a walkable locale from the start, you’re most likely going to need a vehicle.  Being in a foreign country is sensory… View Article

Price Match Guarantee

Price Match   Contents Lowest Price Teaser Rates Why We Shine Redeem Offer Got A Price Comparison?  We’ll Match Any Competitor’s Quote For Similar Services. Some franchises claim to offer the lowest rate, yet once at the counter that ‘teaser rate‘ vanishes.  We, at Vamos, refrain from deceptive pricing.  Hence our price rate guarantee. 1. … View Article

Child Car Seats

Car Seating Choices for Children   Let Vamos Seat Your Child in Comfort! Vamos Rent-A-Car is committed to the safety of our customers, so we provide a car seat or booster free of charge with your rental vehicle — just remember to let us know what you’ll need when you make your reservation.  Some car… View Article

Compare Fees

Compare The Hidden Fees   Background Most industries have that gray area that’s difficult to navigate the first time through. In the rent-a-car sector, it’s the fine print — those added charges that really jack up your total. We know what you’re thinking, "Why are they there in the first place?" and "Why can’t I… View Article

Best GPS for Costa Rica

Typical Rental Dilemma   Contents •Bring or Rent? •Relax •Exotic Locales •Safety •Experience •Recommended •Free Option •WazePhone Should I Rent or Bring My GPS to Costa Rica? One of the most frequently asked questions posed by renters is whether a GPS is really needed.The answer is, “How well do you know Costa Rica?”Costa Rica’s road… View Article
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