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Vamos Rent-A-Car 4.5 out of 5 based on 10 ratings. 10 user reviews.
Vamos Rent-A-Car
These people are the probably the best company among their competitors. They made my trip such a relief with their affordable car rental prices.

Even though I had a little misunderstanding about giving a deposit and there were three options that you needed to choose. Please make sure you read their policy before you get surprised for what you have to pay but even still, it beats the prices of other rip-off places.

PS: I'm a student and this is the place to go. As far as the car goes, in Costa Rica especially if you visit Monteverde, 4x4 is way to go and their car held up very good. Pura Vida.
Jan 14, 2017
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Vamos Rent-A-Car
My sister and I rented two cars for our trip to Costa Rica. We had originally requested a roof rack, but the car with roof rack never came back.

The team at Vamos worked hard to help us find an alternative to a roof rack. Throughout our discussions they were always solution-oriented and friendly. We finally came up with a work around and drove our little cars through parts of Costa Rica without any problems.

I would highly recommend renting from Vamos. The prices are fair, the online experience is easy, and the rental is what you see is what you get.

Overall, staff is courteous, service-oriented and very friendly, and they treat you like a friend arriving back from holidays every time they see you.
Jan 08, 2017
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Vamos Rent-A-Car
Great service!

We corresponded through email to book and Vamos told us they would bring our rental car to the hotel at no cost to us the morning after we arrived (they were closed when our plane landed the night before, but we stayed close). Just as they said, they delivered the car at 7 am sharp. It was a brand new 4 wheel drive car.

The GPS didn't work at first, so we took it back and they swapped the cord and we were good to go.

We had to return the car a day early, but online we had to book a full week, so we figured we would just lose out on the one day; however, they recalculated and prorated the cost for us. We had also been overcharged for the GPS which the guy caught and also fixed.

I highly recommend this company if you rent a car in Costa Rica.
Dec 23, 2016
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Vamos Rent-A-Car
Really good company.
Dec 18, 2016
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Vamos Rent-A-Car
Just finished a week long rental with Vamos. Very friendly folks, they meet you at the airport with a sign and shuttle you to their rental car area five minutes away.

We had a Korean SSangYong Koronado (midsize 4x4) that did great on the rough roads. They also speak great English and have a U.S. 1-800 number. They know about credit card insurance and don't try to push any additional insurance than they require.

They also know Costa Rica roads can be rough and won't hassle over any light scratches or rock chips that some of the other vendors (*cough* Alamo *cough*) will charge you over $500 for.
Oct 12, 2016
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Vamos Rent-A-Car
Vamos rental car was excellent and here's why: When I changed my flight from San Jose to Liberia the day of the rental, they switched my pickup location and found me a car for no additional charge. When I missed my return flight out of San Jose and ended up in Liberia (not the right location) to drop of my car the morning after my return date, they did not charge me for an additional day and reimbursed me for cost to shuttle the car from San Jose back to Liberia.

There are a whole lot of unknowns when travelling. Having a rental company that is willing to work with you when things go wrong and not charge you [out] the ass for everything they can come up with sure makes the trip a whole lot smoother.

If this is your first time going to Costa Rica, then you may not know that most of the roads are sub par. My recommendation for you is to get a 4x4 and the best insurance/full coverage that is available from Vamos. If you end up hitting a pothole that breaks your axle or you get run off the road by a bus and total the car, then you only walk away with a $100 bill. That's what I call peace of mind.
Sep 21, 2016
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Vamos Rent-A-Car
I have nothing but praise for Vamos Rent-A-Car! Their professionalism, quick response time, and great customer service proved that there are honest and reliable car rental companies in CR.

This was our first time visiting CR, so we did a lot of research on car rentals, and read some pretty scary stories. We were skeptical about renting a car in general, but I am so glad I found Vamos, and grateful for how easy they made this entire process to be.

We first emailed Vamos for a quote, and got a very quick response with a competitive price. We booked a car, but soon realized that we needed a different car to accommodate our needs. Vamos were kind enough to change our booking even on a short notice.

There were no hidden fees, and we paid exactly what was on the quote. We were picked up at the airport, taken to the office nearby to sign some paperwork and were off on our way in 30 mins.

Highly recommend this place if you are looking to rent a car while visiting CR!
Jun 09, 2016
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Vamos Rent-A-Car
We have been traveling to Costa Rica regularly and tried few car rental. We found Vamos the most reliable, friendly and fair of them all. We also got free cooling container and surf rack.

Definitely gonna use them again in the future.
May 18, 2016
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Vamos Rent-A-Car
Guys if you are going to Costa Rica and thinking of driving, this is the place to go to to rent a vehicle. Depending on where you are going they would advise you what to rent.

The price they show you at the website is what you pay... no hidden fees and no bs.

They pick you up and drive you to the airport. Driving in Costa Rica was simple using their GPS.

I'm renting from them again the next time I go there. Had a ton of fun.

One thing I learned from this experience... when you rent a vehicle they have a mandatory insurance that they apply. There is no going around this, it's the law. However, they will try to sell you additional insurance... before you decide, check with your mayor credit card company first. I used Discover for my rental, and they provide their own insurance for rentals. That's extra $$ I saved because the car rental companies have to accept these terms if they accept the credit card. Do your research before anything and you will save $$$$$.

***Reply from Ricardo***
Hello Fernando, Thanks for your enthusiastic feedback on Vamos Rent-A-Car. We're happy to read that you found driving around Costa Rica so enjoyable with the help of the GPS system.

The mandatory third party insurance is included in all our quotes to make sure that our customers know exactly what they'll be paying. We try to ensure that each customer has the right insurance to cover the legal requirements of rental and to best suit their needs and budget.

We'll happily accept CDW coverage from a credit card provider when proof of coverage is provided in the form of a letter, just like the other car rental agencies in the country.

Our representatives are trained to explain the protection options carefully to clients, and we find many customers prefer to purchase CDW rather than to use their credit card. There are two main reasons for this: the deposit is substantially lower, and the responsibility for filing a claim lies with us, and not with the renter as it does when one uses credit card CDW.

We'll look forward to seeing you again soon at Vamos!
May 10, 2016
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Vamos Rent-A-Car
After reading great reviews on Vamos I am very disappointed in their road side assistance. They advertise 24/7 roadside assistance but when we woke up at 5am to leave for a tour the car would not start.

Called the assistance line many times and no answer. Meanwhile the phone they gave us ran out of minutes because I kept sitting on hold. At 7am when they opened I finally got an answer and was told they were the only one in the office and when staff comes in at 8 they can send me another car. I'm 45 minutes away. So I spent 5 hours waiting on assistance and missed our tour.

So upset with Vamos ruining our day of plans to see Costa Rica on our honeymoon. Not to mention the SUV we received one had one charging port working and the second vehicle we rented for our family the charging port did not work in it at all.

Very upset with this company!

***Reply from Alex***
Hola Kaitlin, I am sorry that this happened during your special time.

We have tried to correspond with you via email — to discuss these issues and I hope that we can agree on a fair resolution before or upon the vehicle’s return.

On a sidetone, I want to thank you for bringing our emergency phone protocol into question during our recent administration change. It has been reviewed and corrected.
May 03, 2016
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