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So you’ve narrowed down the choices for a rental car, but you’ve still got some details that need to be worked out.  You email back and forth, each time hoping that they’ll answer your question(s) in a firm, clear, and complete manner.  We know; we’ve been in the same struggle too.

Listen to what others say about our customer service — way before we’ve even met them.  We won’t treat you like a web-lead, or just another email to answer…  Our responses are personalized and clarify legal jargon for everyone.

We’d like to think that we’ll win you over, but even if you choose not to rent from us at this time, we’ll still address your concerns regarding Costa Rica and its driving regulations.  We are here for you!  This is why Vamos Rent-A-Car is leading improvements within the tourism industry for Costa Rica.

Vamos Rent-A-Car 4.2 out of 5 based on 10 ratings. 10 user reviews.
Vamos Rent-A-Car
Tried to reserve a car at Vamos over six weeks ago for my trip Jan 24th thru the 31st. The only cars available were the high priced models which I don't need. ... Suggest you reserve early at Vamos. 
Jan 20, 2017
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Vamos Rent-A-Car
We did a lot of research and decided on Vamos in Liberia too. Your recent experience gives us confidence we made the right choice.  Source
Jan 19, 2017
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Vamos Rent-A-Car
We chose Vamos as well for our trip next month.  Source

Vamos has always been quick to answer any of our questions.  Source
Jan 18, 2017
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Vamos Rent-A-Car
Thank you -- reassuring as I just booked with them!  Source
Jan 17, 2017
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Vamos Rent-A-Car
We are a family of six also and are currently planning our second trip to Costa Rica.

Last time we were there we rented from Vamos and had one of the two vehicles you mentioned (can't remember which). We requested a roof rack, but ended up fitting it all in the car. We had the youngest in the back along with luggage piled to the roof and luggage in the space behind him. He was a great sport and enjoyed the adventure. The three other kids sat in the middle row.

This time our youngest will be 12 and the plan is to go the same vehicle route - renting from Vamos and getting everyone in the car. It's way more crammed than our vehicles we drive at home, but it was fine. Pack as light as you possibly can. I was worried about standing out even more than we already did as tourist, so I was glad we could make it fit in the car.  Source
Jan 08, 2017
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Vamos Rent-A-Car
I got a good price and insurance at thank you for your suggestions!
Dec 03, 2016
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Vamos Rent-A-Car
From looking at previous posts on rental car companies, have decided to rent with Vamos for our trip next March.

Even though my credit card does cover CDW, I have decided to purchase the basic CDW coverage from Vamos.

While my CC company has been fairly responsive on issues I have raised with them, I would not want to get something like this resolved with them.

So far Vamos has been responsive to my reservation requests, so I am going to go with them. Source
Oct 12, 2016
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Vamos Rent-A-Car
I just reserved through Vamos.

They seem to be the only company that clearly states on their website what you will be charged for in full and how much of a hold they will put on your credit card based on the insurance you select. Source
Oct 11, 2016
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Vamos Rent-A-Car
I would like to add Melissa was great to deal with and professional... She corrected the error and it was an easy fix... I can only imagine that dealing with language barriers and different cultures can make it a challenge...

So far Vamos you have been great to work with so thank you... Mistakes happen and can easily be fixed. Source
Oct 10, 2016
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Vamos Rent-A-Car
Our experience with Vamos wasn't that good and we ended up cancelling our reservation when we found a better car (Toyota as opposed to a Ssangyong) for £250 cheaper for our 16 days. We started the process with Vamos in March, we liaised with Melissa who was terribly inefficient, she got the booking wrong, our names wrong, the prices wrong and then failed to confirm our booking which meant we could have turned up in San Jose and not had the car we'd thought we'd reserved. We did deal with Luis after that who was fine but despite the intervention of the general manager and a 10% discount we decided to go elsewhere. Source

***Reply from Alex***
My name is Alex Villalobos and I’m the operations manager at Vamos Rent-A-Car. I apologize if our customer service did not meet up to your expectations.

We have received very positive customer feedback from customers on the SsangYong Korando, but I completely understand that the brand is not well known in the United States as of yet. Our transparent rates often appear more costly than other car rental agencies at first.

Melissa is a valued team member and is often praised for her friendly customer service. English is not her first language, so she would be the first to admit that she makes mistakes. I reviewed the email thread between Melissa and yourself, and found that initially the quote was delayed as the 2017 rates for your rental dates had not be released. She should had notified you sooner of the delay.

Your subsequent five emails to her were replied on the same day that they were received. She felt under pressure to reply promptly and made mistakes in her first quote as a consequence, which she apologized for and rectified. The emails that you sent were usually answered the same day, although there was the inevitable delays that one would expect taking into account exchanges involving four people and the time difference between the UK and Costa Rica.

Your January booking was in the system and there would have been no question of unavailability on arrival, as Luis confirmed. I am sorry that you feel unsatisfied with the correspondence between yourself and my co-workers. Melissa, like all our staff members, has regular staff training and the emails are monitored for quality on a daily basis. She is currently responsible for answering half of our emails so human error is an inevitability, as much as we work to avoid it.

We still appreciate your feedback I hope that your rental experience and vacation will be pleasant. Source
Oct 09, 2016
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