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Saying "I Do" in Costa Rica Just Got More Popular


Destination Wedding – Costa Rica

A recent poll carried out by an Internet wedding site, www.TheKnot.com, found that Costa Rica topped the ratings in Latin American wedding destinations from nearly 3,000 brides surveyed.

As a foreign country, Mexico remains a strong choice for U.S. couples to exchange their vows; however, Latin American countries are beginning to rise in popularity.  Costa Rica received 36% of the brides’ votes, with Nicaragua in second place and Belize and Brazil both sharing third place.

1.  Hotel Packages

Crystal Clear Ocean
"Crystal Clear" photo © Sara Ford

Thinking of tying the knot on a tropical beach?  A number of Costa Rican hotels can offer packages to help you plan your dream wedding.

For example, The Four Seasons resort in Papagayo offers a variety of packages with a range of locations, menus and even lighting.

If you are curious about budgeting a Costa Rican wedding, the Hilton offers a 20 guest wedding party for around $5,000, but you’d need to then add the cost for flights and accommodations, although transfers will already be included.  Return To Contents

2.  Wedding Packages

Iconic Arenal Volcano
"Majestic Volcano" photo © Sara Ford

Tour operators can help organize wedding packages so that you can find exactly the right look and feel for your dream wedding.  With two beautiful coastlines, volcanoes, rainforests and mountains, you have a lot to choose from for your photo-perfect background!

Look for companies that offer rental discounts for wedding parties.  This can save everyone a considerable amount, so there will be more cash for the bridal dance!  They can also help with organizing other necessities such as communication and navigational devices.  Return To Contents

3.  Paperwork

Ocean Bride
"Beautiful Bride" photo © Unknown

Don’t take the plunge too fast as eloping isn’t an option!  Expect to take at least two months to complete the necessary paperwork for the correct wedding certification.

Most hotels offering package deals include their time and work in helping you to complete the paperwork requirements before you even arrive in Costa Rica.

For a more in-depth action plan, visit our Destination Weddings post.  Return To Contents

So if your special day needs to be just a touch more unique — look into tying the knot in the tropical paradise of Costa Rica — and no, your wedding veil doesn’t need to be a mosquito net!  😉

Sara Ford

Having visited the beaches on both sides of Costa Rica and seeing the multitude of beautiful sunsets, Sara is confident that you will find just the right location for your destination wedding.

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